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Welcome to Rector's Office

​Get to know the University of the Western Cape's rector and Vice Chancellor Prof. Tyrone Pretorius and the role of his office


 Rector's Office


 Rector's Programmes

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The University of the Western Cape's (UWC) HIV and AIDS Programme was established in 2001 in recognition of the significant impact that the HIV and AIDS epidemic has on the university’s student and staff population.


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The Centre for the Performing Arts has a twofold vision of being a Centre for Higher Learning as well as establishing a presence in local communities.


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Like all spaces (home,religious institutions,sports clubs,etc.), UWC has a set of few rules and relugations which guide it in its daily operations to ensure the smooth guide it in its daily operations to ensure the smooth running of the institution and to ensure that all the members of the UWC community feel safe and secure , have their human dignity respected and their rights are upheld.

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One of our goals for 2010-2014 is to strengthen our leadership processes and capabilities.  I am personally driving this very important goal, for how we lead - at all levels - will be important to our achieving our 2025 vision

UWC Supports Sustainability
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