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UWC is a research-led, learning and teaching African university with a legacy of Social Justice, Community Engagement and Graduate Employability.
Visit Pillar Seven - UWC's new platform for Continuing Education

Visit Pillar Seven - UWC's new platform for Continuing Education

UWC has just launched an exciting new chapter in its academic programme.

Offered under its new entity called Pillar Seven, UWC will be changing the dynamic of continuing education (short courses) and Continuing Profession Development (CPD) offerings via a new platform through which its continuing education (CE) courses will be offered to the market.
Research and Innovation

Academic Project

Research and Innovation

Research Recognition Awards 2022

The University of the Western Cape (UWC) hosted their Research Recognition Awards on Friday, 26 August 2022. The theme for this year’s research recognition awards was, “Making research and innovation count through connecting possibilities”.

According to Professor José Frantz, the awards acknowledge the contribution all stakeholders make to making a difference in the communities and societies in which we live and serve. This could not be possible without the contribution made by our academic staff, support staff and postgraduate students.

Learning and Teaching

DVC Academic Reflective Report

Since 2017, every Dean and Director within the Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Academic line compiles a Reflective Report that Professor Vivienne Lawack then consolidates, including her reflections. The consolidated DVC (Academic) Reflective Report aims to reflect the state of the academic project through the lenses of the seven faculties, together with the academic professional support directorates within this portfolio.

This 2021 Reflective Report contains an overview of our academic approach and decision-making during a tumultuous year, as well as a self-evaluation of the most pertinent work done during the course of the completed Institutional Operation Plan (IOP) 2016-2020.

Community Engagement 

Celebrating the launch of TheMuseumsLab’s module 3

"Heritage in the African context is something that cannot be defined or constricted to a space where one can 'view' it." These were the words by Professor Ciraj Rassool, University of the Western Cape (UWC) history professor and Director: African Programme in Museum and Heritage Studies. 

Prof Rassool was speaking at TheMuseumsLab Module 3 launch in Cape Town, where the month of September is synonymous with celebrating and embracing our heritage as South Africans. Module 3, goes beyond ‘heritage’ and critically engages with museums and museology in South Africa, with a view to understanding the transformative engagements particularly in the South African context that museums have played in the history and struggles against apartheid and colonialism.  

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