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Welcome to Remember Them and Remember When

Whenever alumni get together it’s only a matter of minutes before one of them starts a sentence with "Remember when…?" or "Remember that guy/girl/lecturer...?"​



 Remember Them and Remember When



Our lives are connected by the stories and histories we share and much of this is recounted in the stories told at our Reunions.

Anecdotes of UWC giants, such as former Rector Prof Jakes Gerwel and Dr Jean Swanson-Jacobs (née Benjamin), are shared along with other, perhaps dimly remembered but still significant contributors to the UWC legacy.

Whether you attend the reunion or not, we'd love to hear your story or share your memories of your student years – and we’ve created as many channels possible to enable you to do so.

Join us in ‘Remembering When and Remembering Them’ by:

* Sharing your photos and stories of life at UWC via Facebook at (don't forget to like our page) OR

* emailing us at

NOTE: Please include your full name, course of study and graduation year.

You can also ensure that you receive alumni event news and our newsletter by sending your updated contact details to (any fellow alumni’s current contact details are also welcomed).

Send your fondest memories – in the form of a story and/or photo(s) – of life at UWC to:

Email: or ‘Like’ our Facebook page​: UwcAlumni and tag your photo and story.

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