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African Blogger Awards

Africa. Over 50 countries. Over a billion people. But who are the real influencers? The best bloggers? The most fabulous Facebookers? The most interesting instagrammers? The utterly unique YouTubers and truly terrific tweeters?

African Blogger Awards​

The African Blogger Awards aim to recognise the best of the best amongst bloggers and social media influencers of all sorts across a  whole range of categories - Advice, Fashion & Beauty, Sports, Politics, Technology & Gadgets, Youth Culture, and many more.  

Fancy yourself a fantastic Facebooker? A terrific tweeter? A bloody good blogger? An incredible Instagrammer? Why not try out for the African Blogger Awards? Fame and glory could be yours!

The awards use objective metrics to determine online and social influencers’ real reach and influence through data analysis. Entry is free, but entrants are required to register their blog (or Twitter account, YouTube profile, etc.) on Webfluential. Facebook entrants will be required to apply via a Twitter account.

The platform will measure these metrics, among others:

  • Reach: the size of an influencer’s audience

  • Resonance: how widely the content an influencer shares reaches outside of their own community

  • Relevance: the response from the influencer’s community (likes, retweets, comments, shares, etc.)

Winners for each category will receive a web banner announcing their achievement that can be used throughout their social networks, and also a commemorative trophy - and the glory, of course.

Entries close at midnight (GMT+2) on 16 April 2015, and results will be announced on 5 May 2015.

Still here? Really? You should be posting, sharing and tweeting right now...get to it!


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