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 Dr. Amiena Peck

Position: Senior Lecturer
Department: CMDR Research Fellows
Faculty: Faculty of Arts
Qualifications: BA (UWC)
BA (Hons) (UWC)
MA (Cum Laude) (UWC)
Tel: +27+21 959 2167
Fax: 086 767 8070


 Amiena Peck joined the Linguistics Department at UWC in 2014 as a Lecturer. She is a sociocultural linguistic-semiotician working on extending an approach to linguistic landscape, particularly through an engagement with identity, bodies and text within the virtual space. She has published papers and book chapters on transnational migrants, popular cultural practices, ‘skinscapes’ and linguistic practices in institutional spaces. She is a research fellow at the Centre for Multilingualism and Diversities Research (CMDR) and heads up a very active student-volunteer team known as “Social Transformers” which offers food, clothes and support to neighbouring schools and orphanages.

She is currently working on a greater research project which situates gender, race and identity in relation to the inherent affordances and constraints of social media platforms (YouTube, FaceBook and Instagram). A particular interest has been transgressive discourses which draw particularly on femininity, body modification and race.  From a discourse analytic and sociolinguistic perspective, she investigates transgressive ‘skinscapes’ in addition to its linguistic component within the context of interactions with social media.
Her research interests include:

Popular Culture, gender and identity
Linguistic landscapes, virtual linguistic landscapes and ‘skinscapes’
Social transformation, apartheid and contestation
Sociolinguistics, race and the body
Social media, multimodality and transgressive discourses

She currently teaches the following undergrad and postgrad modules:

Introduction to Language and Communication (First Year)
Language, Identity and Society (Second Year)
Advanced Business Communication (Honours)



Peck, A., Williams, Q.E​​. and Stroud, C. (Eds volume, proposal in progress). Over the rainbow: Hope and Precarity in Linguistic Landscapes’.

Book Chapters

Ferris, F.F., Peck, A. and Banda, F. (2014). Language and Identity. In Bock, Z. and Gift, M. (eds.). Language, Society and Communication. (pp. 485-492). Cape Town: V​​an Schaik Publishers.

Special Issues

Peck, A., Williams, Q.E and Stroud, C. (eds.). (expected 2017). Special Issue title: Visceral Landscapes. Sociolinguistic Studies.

Williams, Q.E., Peck, A. and Stroud, C. (eds.). (expected 2015). Special Issue: Multilingual Dislocations. Multilingual Margins.


Peck, A. & Stroud, C. 2015. Positioning the body as a corporeal linguistic landscape or ‘skinscape’. Linguistic Landscape Journal.1 (1-2), 133-151.

Banda, F. and Peck, A. 2015. Diversity and contested social identities in multilingual and multicultural contexts of the University of the Western Cape, South Africa. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development

Peck, A. and Banda. F. 2014. Dialogicality and imaginings of two ‘community’ notice boards in post-apartheid Observatory. Language Matters. Vol 45 (3) 360-377.

​Peck, A. and Banda. F. 2014. Observatory’s Linguistic Landscape: Semiotic Appropriation and the Reinvention of Space. Social Semiotics. Vol 24 (3) 302-323.​​




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