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 Prof. Ernst M. Conradie

Position: Senior Professor
Department: Religion and Theology
Faculty: Faculty of Arts
Qualifications: PhD. (University of Stellenbosch)
M.Th. cum laude (University of Stellenbosch)
B.Th. cum laude (University of Stellenbosch)
B.A. Hons. cum laude (Philosophy; University of Stellenbosch)
B.A. cum laude (University of Stellenbosch)
Tel: +27 21 959 2206 / 959 3537
Fax: +27 21 959 1318


 Ernst Conradie (1962-) is Senior Professor in the Department of Religion and Theology at the University of the Western Cape where he teaches systematic theology and ethics. He is married to Marietjie Pauw, a professional flutist, while Pieter (13) and Hildegard (10) also form part of this household based in Stellenbosch.

He studied at Paul Roos Gymnasium and Stellenbosch University and received the degrees BA, BA Hons (Philosophy), B.Th. and M.Th (all cum laude). He obtained a doctorate there in 1992 with a dissertation on “Teologie en pluralisme: ‘n Kritiese analise van David Tracy se voorstel van ‘n analogiese verbeelding" .
He joined the staff of the University of the Western Cape in 1993. He served as chairperson of the Department of Religion and Theology for three terms (2000-2001, 2006-2007, 2012-), as chairperson of the Arts Postgraduate Board of Studies (2000-2007) and of the Arts Research Committee (2010-) and as acting Deputy Dean for Research and Postgraduate Studies in the Faculty of Arts (September 2011-June 2012, July-August 2013).

He has read numerous papers at national and international conferences. He has obtained various scholarships and invitations for periods of research in Utrecht, Oxford, Berkeley, Heidelberg, Exeter, Princeton and Amsterdam. He has registered several major research projects, including ones on Christianity and Ecological theology (1995-2005, 2006-), Ecology and Eschatology (1996-2000), Anthropology and ecology (2000-2005), The Earth in God’s Economy (2006-2014), Ecumenical Studies and Social Ethics (2012-) and “Redeeming Sin: Hamartology, Ecology and Social Analysis / Diagnostics” (2014-), and Food Contestation .
He was the convener ofthe steering committee for an international research project entitled “Christian Faith and the Earth”(2007-2013). He is a co-editor of the journal Scriptura and the secretary of the editorial board of the series Studies in Ethics and Theology (published by Bible Media). He is also the current conference secretary of the Theological Society of South Africa (1999-2002, 2006-2016).


He has been awarded the Andrew Murray prize for theological publications in Afrikaans twice, namely for Waar op dees aarde vind mens God? (awarded in 2007) and for Lewend en Kragtig? In gesprek oor God se handelinge (awarded in 2013). He obtained the UWC Vice-Chancellor’s Distinguished Award for Research in the Human and Social Sciences in 2012 and a rating as “Internationally acclaimed researcher” (B1) from the National Resear​​ch Foundation (2012).

His publications, including more than 150 refereed articles and essays in edited volumes are mostly in the fields of ecological theology, systematic theology, theological hermeneutics and ecumenical theology.​​


He is author, co-author or editor of the following books:


Monographs for the specialist:

•           Hope for the earth – Vistas on a new century (Wipf & Stock, 2000/2005);

•           An ecological Christian anthropology: At home on earth? (Ashgate, 2005);

•           Christianity and ecological theology: Resources for research (SUN Press, 2006);

•           Christianity and a critique of consumerism: A survey of six points of entry (Bible Media, 2009);

•           Lewend en Kragtig? In gesprek oor God se handelinge in die wêreld (Bybelmedia, 2010); 

•           Saving the Earth? The legacy of reformed views on “re-creation” (LIT Verlag 2013).


Scholarly edited volumes: 

•          Church and land (Stellenbosch: Centre for Contextual Hermeneutics, 1992) – co-editor with Johann Kinghorn and Etienne de               Villiers;

•           Rape: Rethinking male responsibility (EFSA, 2003) – co-editor with Lindsay Clowes

•           African Christian theologies in transformation (EFSA, 2004);

•           Discerning God’s justice in church, society and academy: Festschrift for Jaap Durand (SUN Press, 2009) – co-editor with                     Christo Lombard;

•           Creation and Salvation: Dialogue on Abraham Kuyper’s Legacy for Contemporary Ecotheology (Brill Publishers, 2011);

•           Creation and Salvation, Volume 1: A Mosaic of Essays on Selected Classic Christian Theologians. (LIT Verlag, 2011);

•           Creation and Salvation, Volume 2: A Companion on recent theological movements (LIT Verlag, 2012).

•           Reconciliation: A guiding vision for South Africa? (Stellenbosch, SUN Press, 2013);

•           Notions and forms of ecumenicity in South Africa (Stellenbosch, SUN Press, 2013);

•          Christian Faith and the Earth: Current Paths and Emerging Horizons in Ecotheo­logy (London: T&T Clark, 2014) – leading                editor with   Sigurd Bergmann, Celia Deane-Drummond & Denis Edwards.

•           The quest for identity in so-called mainline churches in South Africa (SUN Press, 2014) – co-editor with John Klaasen


Books for informed readers: 

•           Rus vir die hele aarde (Lux Verbi, 1996) ;

•           Waar op dees aarde vind mens God? Op soek na 'n aardse spiritualiteit(Lux Verbi.BM, 2006);

•           Lewe anderkant die dood? In gesprek oor die hoop op die opstanding uit die dood (Lux Verbi.BM, 2006);

•           The church and climate change (Pietermaritzburg: Cluster Publications, 2008);

•           Uitverkoop? In gesprek oor die verbruikerskultuur (Lux Verbi.Bm, 2009);

•           Christianity and earthkeeping: In search of an inspiring vision (SUN Press, 2011).



•           Fishing for Jonah. Various approaches to Biblical interpretation (UWC, 1995) – co-author with Louis Jonker, Douglas Lawrie                 and Roger Arendse;

•           Angling for interpretation. A guide to understand the Bible better (UWC 2001, SUN Press 2008);

•           Mapping Systematic Theology in Africa: An indexed bibliography(SUN Press, 2004) – co-editor with Charl Fredericks;

•           Christian identity: An introduction  (SUN Press, 2006);

•           Morality as a way of life (SUN Press, 2006).


Books for a wider audience:

•           Die Bybel in fokus. Leesgids vir 'n nuwe tyd (Lux Verbi, 1997) – co-author with Jan Botha & Louis Jonker;

•           A rainbow over the land. A South African guide on the church and environmental justice (Western Cape Provincial Council of               Churches, 2000) –           co-author with David Field 

•           Waarvoor lewe jy? (Lux Verbi.BM, 2000).


Ecclesial publications (as editor):

•           The land is crying for justice. A discussion document on Christianity and environmental justice in South Africa(EFSA, 2002) –                co-editor with Sipho Mtethwa and Andrew Warmback;

•           Climate change – A challenge to the church in South Africa (SACC, 2009) – editorial secretary of the climate change                             committee of the SACC;

•           Does Matter matter? Theological reflection on that which is material, bodily and earthly (DRC, 2012) – editor for an ecclesial                 task team.


Recent ar​​ticles include the following:

•      Conradie, EM 2014. In die netwerk van nadenkeoor die omgewing. Verbum et Ecclesia 35:1, Art. #813, 6 pages. http://dx.doi.        org/10.4102/ve.v35i1.813.

•      Conradie, EM 2014. Mission in a globalised world: A new vision of Christian discipleship. Australian Journal of Mission                    Studies 8:1, 3-9.

•      Conradie, EM 2014. Missiology and ecology: An assessment of the current state of debate. Australian Journal of Mission                Studies 8:1, 10-16.

•      Conradie, EM 2014. Appropriate contemporary forms of apocalyptic. In Haker, Hille, Queiruga, André Torees& Wacker, Marie-       Theres (eds), The Return of Apocalypticism, Concilium 2014/3, 96-103. Conradie, EM 2014. What on Earth did God create?            Overtures to an ecumenical theology of creation. The Ecumenical Review 66:4, 433-453.

•      Conradie, EM 2014. Ecology and structural violence: The South African reception of Lutheran voices from North America. Ned        Geref Teologiese Tydskrif  55:3&4, 895-912.

•      Conradie, EM 2014. From land reform to poo protesting: Some theological reflections on the ecological repercussions of                  economic inequality. Scriptura 113, 1-16.

•      Conradie, EM 2014. Views on worldviews: An overview of the use of the term, worldview, in selected theological                              discourses. Scriptura 113, 1-12.

•      Conradie, EM 2013. The ambiguity of Johan Heyns: Sitting at Bavinck's left of right hand? : The Reformed Churches in South         Africa and the struggle for justice: remembering 1960-1990. Nederduitse Gereformeerde teologie tydskrif, 54(3-4):6-18    


•      Conradie, EM 2013. Land, liturgy & life: overture to the “comma” and the “and” in a very small dogmatics. Scriptura, 112:1-17


•      Conradie, EM 2013. On Jesus Christ as Mediator of creation. Nederduitse Gereformeerde Teologiese Tydskrif, 54(5): 105-116 


•      Conradie, EM 2013. Only a fully Trinitarian theology will do, but where can that be found?. Nederduitse Gereformeerde                         Teologiese Tydskrif, 54(1&2):1-9

•      Conradie, EM 2011. All theology is natural theology: The hermeneutic necessity of natural theology? Nederduitse                                   Gereformeerde Teologiese Tydskrif, 52(1): 58-65

•      Conradie, EM 2011. The necessity of natural theology? In conversation with John Calvin on the human senses. Nederduitse                 Gereformeerde Teologiese Tydskrif, 52(1-2): 66-82




 He is the convener of the steering committee for an international research project entitled “Christian Faith and the Earth”(2007-2013). He is a co-editor of the journal Scriptura and the secretary of the editorial board of the series Studies in Ethics and Theology (published by Bible Media). He is also the current conference secretary of the Theological Society of South Africa.

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