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 Prof. Fatima Abrahams

Position: Professor
Department: Department of Industrial Psychology
Faculty: Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences
Qualifications: BEcon, (Hons) (Cum Laude) MEcon (UWC) DCom (UNISA) Registered Industrial Psychologist with Health Profession Council of South Africa (HPCSA)
Tel: 021 959 3179
Fax: 021 959 3906




Publications in accredited, peer-reviewed journals

Bias in Intelligence Testing: An exploratory investigation. (1991) Unpublished 



 The cross-cultural comparability of personality tests in South Africa. Is it

              possible? (1994) Conference proceedings.


 The cross-cultural comparability of the Sixteen Personality Inventory

              (16PF).(1996)  Unpublished Doctoral thesis. UNISA. 


  With Steyn, D. (1996) The Validity of using the APIL Battery as a selection tool for students in the Business School, Peninsula Technikon.  


Review: Personnel Psychology (1998). Muchinsky, P.M.; Kriek, H.J.; Schreuder. South African Journal of Psychology. Vol 2.


Qualitative and Statistical impacts of home language on responses to the items  of  the Sixteen Personality Factor Inventory (16PF) in South Africa.  South African Journal of Psychology, (1999) Vol 29. No.2.


The Comparability of the constructs of the 16PF in the South African Context.

             South African Journal of Industrial Psychology, (1999) Vol.25. No.1


With van Lill, B. (2000).  Validation study of the call centre staff at a large

             insurance organisation.  Unpublished manuscript.


Issues in psychological testing and assessment: Culture fairness. Chapter in C. Stones, 2001, (Ed).   Socio-Political and Psychological Perspectives in South Africa.  New York:  Nova Science Publishers.


With Foxcroft, C and Roodt, G (2001, 2005, 2008). The practice of Psychological assessment:  Controlling the use of measures, competing values, and ethical practice standards. In Introduction to Psychological Assessment in South Africa.  Oxford University Press.


With Foxcroft, C and Roodt, G. (2001, 2005, 2008) Psychological Assessment, a retrospective overview.  In Introduction to Psychological Assessment in South Africa.  Oxford University Press.


With Stewart, J.  (2001) Influences of Cultural, Ethnic, and National Identities

             in Higher Education in the United States and South Africa.  In  Rutgers                            Invitational Symposium on Education Series.  Lawrence.


The (un)fair usage of the 16PF: A response to C.H. Prinsloo and I Ebersohn.

            South African Journal of Psychology.  (2002). Vol 32 (3).


 With Ruiters, R (2003, 2007).  Industrial Psychology: An introduction. Chapter

          in  L. Nicholas (Ed.).  Psychology in South Africa.  Juta’s. 


with Friedrich, C.  (2012). Selection of post-graduate students in a South 

African Management Programme.  Journal of Industry and Higher Education, Vol 26, No. 2 April 2012


Peer-reviewed conference contributions:



Thesis:  The cross-cultural comparability of the Sixteen  Personality Factor Inventory (16PF).​





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