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 Prof. John S Klaasen

Position: Head of Department (Religion and Theology)
Department: Department of Religion and Theology
Faculty: Faculty of Arts
Qualifications: D.Th. (US)
Tel: +27 21 959 2386
Fax: +27 21 9591313


 Prof John Klaasen studied at The University of the Western Cape; The College of Transfiguration; The University of Kent in Canterbury and Stellenbosch University. He currently is a Minister of Religion in The Anglican Church in Southern Africa and Lecturer in Department of Religion and Theology 2009-2015. He was appointed to the position of Senior Lecturer in 2016 and later became the Head of the Department of Religion and Theology in the same year. In 2019 he was promoted to Associate Professor Status and is continuing his term as both lecturer and HoD. 

His field of research is in Narrative Theology, Theology and Development and he lectures in Practical Theology (Homiletics, Pastoral Care, Christian Education, Narrative Theology, Theology and Development) and Ethics (Worldviews and Morality)


EM Conradie & J Klaasen (eds), 2014. The Quest for Identity in so-called Mainline Churches in South Africa. Stellenbosch: Sun Press. 

Peer-Reviewed Accredited Articles:
Klaasen, J., 2012. Open-ended narrative for moral formation in ACTA Theologica, Vol.32, December 2012, 104-117.

Klaasen, J., 2013. The interplay between theology and development: How theology can be related to development in post-modern society, Missionalia, 41:2, 182-194.

Klaasen, J., 2014. “Practical theology: A critical engaged practical reason approach”, HTS Theological Studies 70:2, 01-06.

Klaasen, J., 2014. “Towards an approach to development as mission: The category of personhood as addressed by Armartya Sen”. Missionalia, Vol. 42, Number 1-2, 72-87.

Klaasen, J., 2015. “The role of mainstream Christianity: Towards a narrative paradigm for social integration of minorities in pluralistic post-apartheid South Africa”, HTS Theological Studies, Vol 71, No 2, 01-09.

Klaasen, J., 2015. “The ecumenical movement: the role of personhood in development”, Missionalia, Vol. 43, Number 3, 323-335.

Klaasen, J., 2016. “Feminist theology and Christian ministry: The dialectic approach of Rosemary Radford Ruether”. Journal of Gender and Religion in Africa, Vol. 22 No1, July 2016.

Klaasen, J., 2016. “Identity, race and faith: The role of faith in post-Apartheid South Africa”. HTS Theological Studies.

Klaasen, J., 2017. Christian anthropology and the National Development Plan: The role of personhood. In die Skriflig/In Luce Verbi, 51.

Klaasen, J., 2017. Development and South Africa: A critical theological reflection on the discourse of development within the All Africa Conference of Churches and its significance for post-Apartheid South Africa. Studia Historiae Ecclesisticae, Vol 43, No 2, 15 pages.

Klaasen, J., 2017. “The role of personhood in development: An African perspective of development for South Africa”, Missionalia, Vol. 45, Number 1, 29-44.

Klaasen, J., 2017. “Narrative theology: Contours and markers”. Stellenbosch Theological Journal, Vol. 3 Number 2, pp. 567-475. 

Klaasen, J., 2018. Intersection of personhood and culture:  A narrative approach of pastoral care to gender based violence, Scriptura. Vol. 117, p.1-11.

Klaasen, J., 2018. Youth, space and the other: Reflections on the resolutions of the Anglican Diocese of Cape Town 2017. Part of a Special Volume “Youth and marginalization as a faith-based concern in Post-Apartheid South Africa” to be published in June 2018. 

Klaasen, J., 2018. Pastoral care in communities under transition: Interplay between care and culture, Skriflig/In Luce Verbi, 52(1).
Klaasen, J., 2018. Khoisan identity: a case study in reconciliation, power and personhood, Studia Historiae Ecclesisticae, Vol. 44, No.2, 14 pages.

International Journals:
Klaasen, J., 2017. “Identity and migration in Post-Apartheid South Africa: The retelling of the Christian open-ended narrative as service to the Church and the World”. Diaconia: Journal for the Study of Christian Social Practice, Vol 8, Issue 2, 152-165.

Peer reviewed Chapters in Books:
Klaasen, J. Theological education and formation in the Anglican Church, in Naidoo, M, in Between the real and the ideal, 2012.

Klaasen, J. Challenges in moral formation for ministerial training, in Naidoo, M, in Viability and Contextuality for ministerial training, 2015.




 Prof Klaasen is a member of the South African Missiological Society, the Practical Theology Society of South Africa and the Theological Society of South Africa.
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