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 Prof. Lindsay Clowes

Position: Head of Department (Women's and Gender Studies) & Deputy Dean: Teaching and Learning
Department: Department of Women and Gender Studies
Faculty: Faculty of Arts
Qualifications: BA, UCT; MA, UCT; PhD, UCT
Tel: 021 959 3599
Fax: +27 21 959 1273


 Lindsay Clowes is an NRF rated scholar in the Women’s & Gender Studies Department at the University of the Western Cape. Holding a PhD in Historical Studies from the University of Cape Town, she has taught in Europe and America as well as South Africa. Drawing on feminist and queer theory as well as discursive psychology, sociology and Critical Men’s Studies, her work problematises power inequalities and the ways in which human choices are constrained by subject positions structured around biological sex, gender, sexuality, race and class. She has published in a range of journals including the Journal of Gender Studies, Journal of Southern African Studies, Culture Health and Sexuality, Agenda, African Education Review, the South African Historical Journal, the Journal of Psychology in Africa and Gender and History


2015 T Shefer & L Clowes ‘Authentic learning in an undergraduate research methodologies course’ in V Bozalek, D Ng’ambi, D Wood, J Herrington, J Hardman and A Amory (eds) Activity Theory, Authentic Learning and Emerging Technologies, Routledge

2013 Clowes, L & Shefer T, ‘It’s not a simple thing, co-publishing’: The politics of co-authorship between supervisors and students in South African higher educational contexts’ African Education Review 10, 1

2013 Clowes, L ‘The limits of discourse: masculinity as vulnerability’, Agenda, 95/27.1 12-19

2013 Clowes, L ‘Teacher as learner: a personal reflection on a short course for South African university educators’ Teaching in Higher Education 18, 7 709-720

2013 Clowes, L, Ratele, K & Shefer, T, ‘Who needs a father? South African men reflect on being fathered’ Journal of Gender Studies 22 3 255-267

2012 Ratele, K., Shefer, T., Clowes, L. ‘Talking Fathers: a Critical Examination of men’s constructions and experiences of fatherhood and fatherlessness’ SA Journal of Psychology 42, 4, 553-563

2012 van der Spuy, P & Clowes, L ‘Transnational mentoring: the impact of Sarojini Naidu's 1924 visit to South Africa on Cissie Gool and women's leadership’ in F de Haan, M. Allen, J. Purvis J & K Daskalova (eds) Women's Activism: Global Perspectives from the 1890s to the present. Routledge

2012  van der Spuy P & Clowes, L “A living testimony of the heights to which a woman can rise’: Sarojini Naidu, Cissie Gool and the politics of women’s leadership in South Africa in the 1920s’ South African Historical Journal Vol No pp

2012 Shefer, T., Clowes, L., & Vergnani, T., Narratives on transactional sex on a university campus Culture, Health & Sexuality Vol 14, 4 435-447

2012 Clowes, L, D’Amant, T & Nkani, V,  ‘Schools and their responses to the rights and needs of pregnant and parenting learners’ in R Morrell, D Bhana, & T Shefer (eds) Books and Babies: pregnancy and young parents in schools HSRC 2012

2010 Shefer, T, Stevens G & Clowes L, ‘Men in Africa: Masculinities, materiality and meaning’ Journal of Psychology in Africa 20(4) pp. 511-518

2010 Sedite, D, Bowman B & Clowes L, ‘Perceptions of Staffriding in Post-Apartheid South Africa: the lethal thrill of speed or the masculine performance of a painful past?’ Journal of Psychology in Africa 20(4) pp. 581-589

2010 Clowes, L, Lazarus S & Ratele K, ‘Risk and protective factors to male interpersonal violence: views of male university students’ African Safety Promotion Journal, 8(1) pp.

2009 Clowes, L, Shefer T, Fouten E, Vergnani T & Jacobs J, ‘Coercive sexual practices and gender-based violence on a university campus’ Agenda 80, pp. 22-32

2008 Bhana, D, Clowes, L, Morrell R & Shefer T, South African schools’ responses to pregnant girls and young parents: a study of some Durban and Cape Town secondary schools’, Agenda 76, pp. 78-90

2008 Clowes, L (2008) “Masculinity, Matrimony and Generation: Reconfiguring Patriarchy in Drum 1951-1983’ Journal of Southern African Studies 34 1, pp.

2007 Van der Spuy, P & Clowes, L, ‘Accidental Feminists? Recent histories of South African Women, Kronos 33

2006 Sanger, N & Clowes, L ‘Marginalised and demonized: lesbians and equality – perceptions of people in a Western Cape Community’ Agenda 67

2006 Clowes, L ‘Men and children: Changing constructions of fatherhood in Drum Magazine, 1951-1965’ in L Richter & R Morrell (eds) Baba? Men and fatherhood in South Africa (HSRC: Pretoria)

2005 Clowes, L 'The families of men' in R. Morrell & L. Ouzgane (eds) African Masculinities (Palgrave Macmillan)

2004 Erlank N & Clowes , L ‘Writing and teaching gendered history in Africa in the twenty-first century’ South African Historical Journal, 50, May: 231-236

2003 Clowes, L 'Historical Constructions of Race, Masculinity and Homosexuality' in K Ratele (ed)

Social Psychology (Jutas: Cape Town)

2001 Clowes, L 'Are you going to be Miss (or Mr.) Africa?' Contesting Masculinity in Drum Magazine1951-1953, Gender and History, Vol. 13, No. 1​​​​​​​




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