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 Prof. Mario Santos

Position: Professor, director Center for Radio-Cosmology
Department: Physics Programme
Faculty: Faculty of Natural Science
Qualifications: PhD from Oxford University, Master from Cambridge University, undergrad (Licenciatura) from University of Lisbon
Tel: 021 959 3461
Fax: 021 959 3461


 My main area of research is Cosmology. In particular, I’m studying how the next generation of large radio telescopes, such as MeerKAT  in South Africa and the future SKA will be able to answer fundamental questions in Cosmology, from the nature of dark energy or the physics of the primordial Universe to the process of Reionization when the first stars and galaxies of the Universe were born.  This research involves both analytical models and large scale numerical simulations as well as a good understanding of the telescopes setup. The huge volumes of data that will be provided by these experiments also allow for unique and exciting ways to develop novel statistical analysis techniques.

Experiments in which I’m currently involved: MeerKAT, SKA, PAPER, LOFAR, ASKAP, APERTIF, EUCLID.


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