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 Dr. Marshall Keyster

Position: Senior Lecturer
Department: Department of Biotechnology
Faculty: Faculty of Natural Science
Qualifications: BSc, BSc Hons, MSc (UWC), PhD (US)
Tel: 021 959 2214
Fax: 021 959 3505


 Marshall Keyster completed his undergraduate studies, as well as Honours and Masters at the University of the Western Cape where in both degrees he focused on using molecular biology tools to study microorganisms from soil at the Institute for Microbial Biotechnology and Metagenomics. He then left UWC to pursue a PhD in plant molecular research at the Institute for Plant Biotechnology, which he successfully completed in 2010. He returned to UWC in 2011 to pursue a Post-Doctorial position [on a Department of Science and Technology (DST) innovation scholarship] and officially became a member of the academic staff (UWC Biotechnology department) as Lecturer in June 2012. All of the experimental chapters in his PhD thesis are published to date which was on “Nitric oxide mediated signalling in legumes and its role in maize responses to salt stress” and which specifically focused on salinity stress and mechanisms which plants can use to overcome this stress. Currently, he has his own research group known as the Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory (EBL) (established, January 2013) which hosts registered students at honours level, Masters level and PhD level.  

Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory (



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    International conference proceedings: Morné Du Plessis, Paul Kappo, Ndiko Ludidi (2010) Nitric oxide synthase activity is required for soybean root nodule development and functioning and functions via regulating cysteine endopeptidase activity and antioxidant capacity. 4th International Symposium of the SFB 429, Potsdam, Germany. Marshall Keyster, Alex Jacobs, Ashwil Klein, Morné Du Plessis, Paul Kappo, Gábor Kocsy, Gábor Galiba, Ndiko Ludidi (2010) Two maize genotypes demonstrate the importance of antioxidant capacity and cysteine endopeptidase activity in regulating plant tolerance to salt stress. 4th International Symposium of the SFB 429, Potsdam, Germany.



 I collaborate with Prof. Antje Heese and Prof. David Mendoza-Cozatl from the University of Missouri-Columbia (USA) on “Improving plant tolerance to heavy metal stress”.
I am a member of four scientific societies which include: the Society of Plant Signaling and Behavior, South African Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, the South African Association of Botanist and Tunisian Association of Genetic Resources.  

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