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 Prof. Michael Morris

Position: Extraordinary Professor
Department: School of Business and Finance (SBF)
Faculty: Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences
Qualifications: Doctor of Philosophy, Marketing, Virginia Tech
-Top Dissertation Award, Academy of Marketing Science

Masters of Science in Economics, Wright State University

Masters of Business Administration, Wright State University

Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Wright State University
-Honors Award in Economics
Tel: 021 959 2595
Fax: 021 959 3219


 Published eleven books, twenty-two chapters in books, and one hundred thirty articles in peer-reviewed academic journals, and over two hundred conference papers. Supervised or served on dissertation committees of dozens of students.  Research activity involves four major streams:  entrepreneurship under conditions of adversity, corporate entrepreneurship, emergence and adaptation in entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial marketing.


Awards, Distinctions and Fellowships

Dedication to Entrepreneurship Award, Academy of Management, Awarded at the 2014 Annual AOM Conference, Philadelphia, PA.

Appointed as Research Fellow, Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Outstanding Teaching Awards, Weekend MBA Class of 2014 and Master’s of Science in Entrepreneurship Class of 2014, University of Florida.
Inducted as a Justin Longenecker USASBE Fellow by the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, January, 2013
Leavey Award for Excellence in Private Enterprise Education, Freedoms Foundation, March 2011.
Entrepreneurship Educator of the Year, United States Association for Small Business & Entrepreneurship, Awarded at Annual Conference in New Orleans (2012)
Winner, 2012 Gerald E. Hills Best Paper Award from the American Marketing Association for
for paper published over ten-year period having wide-reaching impact on marketing and entrepreneurship interface.
Selected as one of the top twenty professors of entrepreneurship in the USA by Fortune Small Business (August 2007).
Awarded the 2006 Distinguished Service Award for Outstanding Service and Dedication, National Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers.
Recipient, Oberwager Prize for Impacting Students Beyond the Classroom, Syracuse University (2004).
Awarded the Edwin and Gloria Appel Prize for contributions to the field of entrepreneurship, Babson College, June 2001
Inducted as Fellow, 21st Century Entrepreneurial Research Fellows, sponsored by the National Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers and the Kauffman Foundation, March 2001.
Fulbright Scholar, 1992-93 Academic Year, Republic of South Africa, J. William Fulbright Scholarship Board, Council for International Exchange of Scholars, Washington, D.C.
Research Interests / Research Profile /Research Experience

Published eleven books, twenty-two chapters in books, and one hundred thirty articles in peer-reviewed academic journals, and over two hundred conference papers. Supervised or served on dissertation committees of dozens of students.  Research activity involves four major streams:  entrepreneurship under conditions of adversity, corporate entrepreneurship, emergence and adaptation in entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial marketing.

Publications, Presentations and Abstracts

Selected Journal Articles:

“A Portfolio Approach to Entrepreneurship and Economic Development,” Small Business
Economics (2015), (w/ D. Kuratko and X. Neumeyer).

"Distinguishing Types of Entrepreneurial Ventures:  An Identity-based Perspective," Journal of Small Business Management (2015) (w/ X. Neumeyer, Y. Jang and D. Kuratko).

 “Strategic Renewal as a Mediator of Environmental Effects on Public Sector Performance,” Small Business Economics (2015) (w/C. Kearney).
"A Competency-Based Perspective on Entrepreneurship Education: Conceptual and Empirical Insights," Journal of Small Business Management, 51(3) (2013), 352-369 (w/ J. Webb).

“Entrepreneurial Activity in American Indian Nations:  Extending the GEM Methodology,”
Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship,” 18(2) (2013) (w/ R. Franklin and J. Webb).

“Framing the Entrepreneurial Experience,” Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 36(1), (2012), (w/ D. Kuratko and M. Schindehutte).
“Behavioral Orientations of Nonprofit Boards as a Factor in Entrepreneurial Performance:  Does Governance Matter?”  Journal of Management Studies, 48 (4) 829-856, (2011) (with S. Coombes and J. Allen).

“Inner City Engagement and the University: Mutuality, Emergence & Transformation,” Entrepreneurship & Regional Development 23(5-6), 287-316 (2011) (w/M. Schindehutte).
“Advancing Strategic Entrepreneurship Research: The Role of Complexity Science in Shifting the Paradigm,” Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, 33,1, 241-276 (2009)(w/ M. Schindehutte).
“Understanding Market Driving Behavior: The Role of Entrepreneurship, Journal of Small Business Management, 46, 1, 4-26 (2008) (with M. Schindehutte and A. Kocak).
“Is the Business Model a Useful Strategic Concept: Conceptual, Theoretical & Empirical Insights,” Journal of Small Business Strategy, 17, 1 (2006), (w/ M. Schindehutte and J. Allen).
“Beyond Achievement:  Entrepreneurship as Extreme Experience,” Small Business Economics, 27, 4, 349-368 (2006) (w/M. Schindehutte and J. Allen).

“The Entrepreneurial Health Audit: Preparing Firms for Corporate Entrepreneurship” Journal of Business Strategy, 27, 1, pp.10-17 (2006), (w/ D. Ireland and D. Kuratko).

“Entrepreneurial Values and the Ethnic Enterprise:  An Examination of Six Sub-Cultures,” Journal of Small Business Management,” 43, 4 (2005) (w/ M. Schindehutte).

“The Entrepreneur’s Business Model: Toward a Unified Perspective,” Journal of Business Research,” 58, 6 (2005), 726-735 (w/ M. Schindehutte and J. Allen).

“Entrepreneurship and Motherhood: Impacts on Their Children in South Africa and the US,” Journal of Small Business Management 41,1 (2003), 94-107 (with M. Schindehutte).

“Entrepreneurial Marketing: A Construct for Integrating Emerging Entrepreneurship and Marketing Perspectives” Journal of Marketing Theory & Practice, 10, 4, 1-19 (2002), (with R. LaForge and M. Schindehutte) (Winner of 2012 Gerald E. Hills Award for High Impact Research).
“The Ethical Context of Entrepreneurship:  Proposing and Testing a Developmental Framework,” Journal of Business Ethics, 40, 4 (2002), 331-361 (w/M. Schindehutte, J. Walton & J..Allen).
“Venture Capitalist Involvement in Portfolio Companies:  Insights from South Africa,” Journal of Small Business Management 38, 3 (July, 2000) (with M. Schindehutte and J. Watling).

“Adaptation of the Business Concept Over Time: The Case of Historically Disadvantaged South African Owner/Managers,” Journal of Small Business Management, 38, 1 (2000) (w/S. Zahra).

“Entrepreneurship in Established Organizations:  The Case of the Public Sector,” Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice,” 24, 1, (1999), 71-90 (with F. Jones).

"The Effects of Centralization and Formalization on Entrepreneurship in Export Firms," Journal of Small Business Management, (36) 16-29 (1998), (with A. Caruana).

“Correlates of Successful Family Business Transitions," Journal of Business Venturing, 8, 1 (1997), 2-17.

"Modeling Ethical Attitudes and Behaviors Under Conditions of Environmental Turbulence: The Case of South Africa," Journal of Business Ethics, 15 (1996), 1119-1130 (with N. Peery, A. Marks, and J. Allen).

“Informal Sector Activity as Entrepreneurship: Insights from a South African Township,” Journal of Small Business Management, Vol. 33, 1 (1995), 78-86 (with L. Pitt).

Selected Books:

Entrepreneurship and the Modern University, Edward Elgar Publishing (w/ D. Kuratko and J. Cornwall) (2013).

Entrepreneurship as Experience:  How Events Create Ventures and Ventures Create Entrepreneurs, Edward Elgar Publishing (w/ C. Pryor and M. Schindehutte) (2012).

Encyclopedia of Entrepreneurship Research, Third Edition, Chichester: John Wiley and Sons (w/D.F. Kuratko) (2014).

Rethinking Marketing: The Entrepreneurial Imperative, Prentice-Hall/Pearson (with M. Schindehutte and L. Pitt) (2008).

Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Cincinnati: Cengage Publishing (with D. Kuratko and J. Covin), (third edition, 2011).

Business to Business Marketing, London: Sage Publications (2001) (w/ L. Pitt and E. Honeycutt).

Entrepreneurial Intensity: Sustainable Advantage for Individuals, Organizations, and Societies, Westport, CT: Quorum Books (1998).

Market-Oriented Pricing:  Strategies for Management, Westport, CT:  Quorum Books, (1990) (w/G. Morris).

Teaching Experience

Doctoral Level:  Theoretical Foundations of Entrepreneurship; Post-Doctoral Bridge Program in Entrepreneurship

MBA/Masters Level:  Foundations of Entrepreneurship, Global Entrepreneurial Management (MBA Capstone taught live and on-line), Entrepreneurial Marketing, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital, Opportunity Recognition and Ideation, Asian-Pacific Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship in Science & Technology, Entrepreneurship Empowerment in South Africa.

Undergraduate Level: Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Imagination, Guerrilla Marketing, Managing Small Business Growth, Dilemmas and Debates in Entrepreneurship, Financial Aspects of Entrepreneurship, Corporate Venturing, The Business Plan Laboratory, Emerging Enterprise Consulting, Strategic and Entrepreneurial Management (undergraduate capstone), and twelve modules on entrepreneurial competencies designed to be dropped into a range of courses.

Teaching Expertise

Extensive experience in designing and implementing comprehensive, award-winning entrepreneurship degree programs including undergraduate major and minor, masters of science, MBA concentration, graduate certificate and Ph.D. program in entrepreneurship). Specific courses developed and taught include:

Community Involvement / Administrative Activity/ Other Interests

Founder and Director, Experiential Classroom, a national clinic to share best practices in entrepreneurship education with faculty members from around the country;  Clinic is held annually over a three-day period with approximately seventy-five delegates attending (May 1999-present).

Series Co-editor (with D. Ireland), Prentice-Hall Series in Entrepreneurship (sixteen book series).

Founder and Head, School of Entrepreneurship, Oklahoma State University, January 2009-August 2012;

Founder and Head, Department of Entrepreneurship, Syracuse University, August 2002-July 2007.

Immediate Past President (2010), President (2009), President-elect (2008), Vice President for Programs (2007), Senior Vice President for Divisions (2005), Chairman, Audit Committee (2004), and Vice President, Education Division (2004), United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE).

Editor, Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship, May 1998-January 2005.

Founded and annually coordinate (since 1997) the Entrepreneurship Empowerment in South Africa Program, a joint initiative involving four U.S. universities and the University of the Western Cape.

Director, Annual Doctoral Consortium, United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, 2012-2015.

Chair, DBA Committee, University of Florida, 2013-present.

Assisted in the Design and Launch of the Gator 100, annual program recognizing the faster growing ventures owned and run by University of Florida alumni.

Founded and annually coordinate (since 1999) the National Disabled Veterans Entrepreneurship Program, offered at the University of Florida, Oklahoma State University, and the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga; intense exposure to entrepreneurship offered at no fee to veterans.

Editorial Review Boards, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 12/08-present, Journal of Small Business Management 8/04-present, International Small Business Journal 2/07-present; Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, 8/04-present, Journal of Ethics & Entrepreneurship, 5/11-present; Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance and Business Ventures, 2002-present; Modern Competition (Russia), 2012-present; Journal of Asian Entrepreneurship and Sustainability, 12/04-present; International Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 2000-present; Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship, 1997- present; European Journal of Innovation Management, 1997-present;  Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 1985-1990; Industrial Marketing Management 1998-present, Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 1990-1995; Marketing Education Review, 1993 -1995.

Advisory Committee, National Science Foundation Grants on Entrepreneurship Education and Engineering Schools, National Collegiate Inventors and Innovations Alliance, 2008-2009.





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