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 Prof. Nico Orce

Position: Professor
Department: Physics Programme; Department of Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Astrophysics
Faculty: Faculty of Natural Science
Qualifications: PhD, University of Brighton, UK
Research Interests: Nuclear Collectivity  and Nuclear Astrophysics
Tel: 021 959 3454
Fax: 021 959 3474


 Field: Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Astrophysics

Prof Orce obtained his 5+1 year bachelors degree in Fundamental Physics at the University of Granada (Spain) and a PhD in Experimental Nuclear Physics at the University of Brighton (UK) in 2003. After eight years of basic research on Nuclear Physics at the University of Kentucky and the Canadian National Laboratory for Nuclear and Particle Physics (TRIUMF), he joined the UWC Physics Department in 2011.
Nico Orce is the discoverer (J.N. Orce et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 062504 (2006)) and co-discoverer of new types of nuclear excitations (P.E. Garrett et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 062501 (2009)); and once at UWC, he has co-authored a high-precision test of the Standard Model of Particle Physics (S. Triambak et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 042301 (2012)).
Nico's research includes the study of clustering structures in nuclei to elucidate the origin of life, the abundance of elements in the Universe, existence of collective nuclear excitations and development of new nuclear models.  His research is based at different laboratories around the world, including iThemba LABS, University of Kentucky, TRIUMF and CERN.
One of his favourite quotes for UWC students is: “A Spartan chorus of warriors called out to the young men: Grow up to be yet braver than we!”


Peer-Reviewed Publications (from 2010)

​​My updated list of publications can be found at:
  • J. N. Orce, JD Holt, A Linnemann, CJ McKay, C Fransen, J Jolie, TTS Kuo, SR Lesher, MT McEllistrem,         N Pietralla, N Warr, V Werner, SW Yates, Fermionic-bosonic couplings in a weakly deformed odd-mass nucleus, 93Nb, Physical Review C 82, 044317 (2010) [11 pages]. 

  • C Aa Diget, SP Fox, A Smith, S Williams, M Porter-Peden, L Achouri, P Adsley, H Al-Falou, RAE Austin,     GC Ball, JC Blackmon, S Brown, WN Catford, AA Chen, J Chen, RM Churchman, J Dech, D Di Valentino,     M Djongolov, BR Fulton, A Garnsworthy, G Hackman, U Hager, R Kshetri, L Kurchaninov, AM Laird, J-P Martin, M Matos, J.N. Orce, NA Orr, CJ Pearson, C Ruiz, F Sarazin, S Sjue, D Smalley, CE Svensson,          M Taggart, E Tardiff, GL Wilson, Journal of Instrumentation 6 P02005 (2011) [11 pages]. 

  • DS Cross, GC Ball, PE Garrett, S Triambak, SJ Williams, C Andreoiu, R Churchman, AB Garnsworthy, G Hackman, JR Leslie, J. N. Orce, CS Sumithrarachchi, CE Svensson, Commissioning the DANTE array of BaF2 detectors at TRIUMF-ISAC using a fast-timing lifetime measurement, Journal of Instrumentation 6 P08008 (2011)  [9 pages]. 

  • A.Chakraborty, J.N.Orce, S.F.Ashley, B.A.Brown, B.P.Crider, E.Elhami, M.T.McEllistrem, S.Mukhopadhyay, E.E.Peters, B.Singh, S.W.Yates, Status of vibrational structure in 62Ni, Physical Review C 83, 034316 (2011) [11 pages].

  • PE Garrett, KL Green, J Bangay, A Diaz Varela, CS Sumithrarachchi, RAE Austin, GC Ball, DS Bandyopadhyay, L Bianco, S Colosimo, DS Cross, GA Demand, P Finlay, AB Garnsworthy, GF Grinyer, G Hackman, WD Kulp, KG Leach, AC Morton, JN Orce, CJ Pearson, AA Phillips, MA Schumaker, CE Svensson, S Triambak, J Wong, JL Wood, SW Yates, Mapping quadrupole collectivity in the Cd isotopes: The breakdown of harmonic vibrational motion, AIP Conference Proceedings 1377, 211-215 (2011) [4 pages].

  • GL Wilson, WN Catford, C Aa Diget, NA Orr, P Adsley, H Al-Falou, R Ashley, RAE Austin, GC Ball, JC Blackmon, AJ Boston, HJ Boston, SM Brown,  RM Churchman, DS Cross, J Dech, M Djongolov, TE Drake, U Hager, SP Fox, BR Fulton, N Galinski, AB Garnsworthy, G Hackman, D Jamieson, R Kanungo, K Leach, JP Martin, J. N. Orce, CJ Pearson, M Porter-Peden, F Sarazin, S Sjue, C Sumithrarachchi, CE Svensson, S Triambak, C Unsworth, R Wadsworth, SJ Williams, Towards 26Na via (d, p) with SHARC and TIGRESS and a novel zero-degree detector, J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 381 012097 (2012) [6 pages].

  • S.Triambak, P.Finlay, C.S.Sumithrarachchi, G.Hackman, G.C.Ball, P.E.Garrett, C.E.Svensson, D.S.Cross, A.B.Garnsworthy, R.Kshetri, J. N. Orce, M.R.Pearson, E.R.Tardiff, H.Al Falou, R.A.E.Austin, R.Churchman, M.K.Djongolov, R.D'Entremont, C.Kierans, L.Milovanovic, S.O'Hagan, S.Reeve, S.K.L.Sjue, S.J.Williams, High-Precision Measurement of the 19Ne Half-Life and Implications for Right-Handed Weak Currents, Physical Review Letters 109, 042301 (2012) [4 pages]. 

  • P.E.Garrett, J.Bangay, A.Diaz Varela, G.C.Ball, D.S.Cross, G.A.Demand, P.Finlay, A.B.Garnsworthy, K.L.Green, G.Hackman, C.D.Hannant, B.Jigmeddorj, J.Jolie, W.D.Kulp, K.G.Leach, J.N.Orce, A.A.Phillips, A.J.Radich, E.T.Rand, M.A.Schumaker, C.E.Svensson, C.Sumithrarachchi, S.Triambak, N.Warr, J.Wong, J.L.Wood, S.W.Yates, Detailed spectroscopy of 110Cd: Evidence for weak mixing and the emergence of γ-soft behavior, Physical Review C 86, 044304 (2012) [9 pages]. 

  • A.Chakraborty, F.M.Prados-Estevez, S.N.Choudry, B.P.Crider, P.E.Garrett, W.D.Kulp, A.Kumar,  M.T.McEllistrem, S.Mukhopadhyay, M.G.Mynk, J. N. Orce, E.E.Peters, J.L.Wood, S.W.Yates

  • New decay pattern of negative-parity states at N=90, Physical Review C 86, 064314 (2012) [6 pages]. 

  • J. N. Orce, TE Drake, MK Djongolov, P Navrátil, S Triambak, GC Ball, H Al Falou, R Churchman, DS Cross, P Finlay, C Forssén, AB Garnsworthy, PE Garrett, G Hackman, AB Hayes, R Kshetri, J Lassen, KG Leach, R Li, J Meissner, CJ Pearson, ET Rand, F Sarazin, SKL Sjue, MA Stoyer, CS Sumithrarachchi, CE Svensson, ER Tardiff, A Teigelhoefer, SJ Williams, J Wong, CY Wu, Reorientation-effect measurement of the                    〈2+ ll E2 ll 2+⟩ matrix element in 10Be, Phys. Rev. C 86, 041303(R) (2012)  (2012) [5 pages].

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