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 Prof. Priscilla Baker

Position: Head of Department & Senior Professor (Analytical Electrochemistry)
Department: Department of Chemistry
Faculty: Faculty of Natural Science
Qualifications: BSc (UCT); BSc. Honours (UWC); MSc (UWC); PhD UCT
Tel: 021 959 3051
Fax: 021 959 3055


 Prof Baker is co-leader of SensorLab, an electrochemistry research platform in Chemistry department, which focuses on fundamental and applied electrodynamics of materials and sensors. Her specialisation is in the application of frequency modulated electrochemical  techniques, notably electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, to the design and evaluation of electrochemical smart materials. These smart materials include polymeric derivatives such as polysulfone hydrogel materials which may serve as donor materials in organic fuel cells and as membrane materials for water treatment (Water Research Commission). Novel polyamic aicd composites have been designed and applied in the design of immunosensor platforms for mycotoxins in fish species and water analysis.  Most recent research exploration include the design and evaluation of novel electroactive actuator systems (thin films and freestanding) for selected atmospheric monitoring applications. Prof Baker’s research emphasis has shifted to coupled electrochemical techniques in order to exploit the advantages of electrochemistry coupled to the benefits of spectroscopic (SNFTIR, Raman) and microscopic (SEM, AFM) evaluation of transitional states within the overall redox process.  Prof Baker is  involved in research collaboration with researchers in US, Germany and France, which facilitate effective student exchange opportunities.  She is also active member of two FP7 research consortia viz. European network for artificial muscles (ESNAM) and the Marie Curie International staff exchange scheme (IRSES).



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  • Jasmina Martinovic, Ana-Maria Chiorcea-Paquim, Victor Constantin Diculescu, Juanita Van Wyk, Emmanuel Iwuoha, Priscilla Baker, Selwyn Mapolie, and Ana-Maria Oliveira-Brett. Metallo-functionalized first-generation salicylaldimine poly(propylenimine) tetraamine dendrimers: electrochemical study and atomic force microscopy imaging.   Electrochimica Acta 53, 4907-4919, 2008.

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  • A Potential masking approach in the detection of dopamine on 3-mercaptopropionic acid capped ZnSe quantum dots modified gold electrode in the presence of interferences.   Peter M Ndagili, Omotayo Arotiba, Priscilla G Baker, Emmanuel I Iwuoha.  Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 643 (2010) 77-81.

  • Development of a tyrosinase biosensor on a novel Polyaniline-Polyvinyl Sulphonate Composite Film modified Boron-Doped Diamond (BDD) electrode.  Zelo Mangombo, Priscilla Baker, Emmanuel Iwuoha, David Key. Microchimica Acta  Vol 170 (3-4),  267-273, May 2010.

  • Rasaq A. Olowu, Omotayo Arotiba, Stephen N. Mailu, Tesfaye T. Waryo, Priscilla Baker, Emmanuel Iwuoha. Electrochemical Aptasensor for Endocrine Disrupting 17β-Estradiol Based on a Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxylthiopene)-Gold Nanocomposite Platform. Sensors 10 (2010) 9872-9890.

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Chapters in books:

  • Electrocatalytic sensor applications of nanostructured polypyrroles and polythiophenes. Richard Akinyeye, Immaculate Michira, Shanielle Botha, Priscilla Baker and Emmanuel Iwuoha.  Recent Advances in Analytical Electrochemistry, 2007: 99-136 ISBN: 978-81-7895-274-1. Chapter 4, Edited by: Kenneth I. Ozoemena


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  •  Vernon Somerset, Priscilla Baker, Emmanuel Iwuoha. Mercaptobenzothiazole-on-Gold Organic Phase Biosensor Systems:  Thick-Film Biosensors for Organophosphate and Carbamate Pesticide Determination. In V.S. Somerset (Ed.), Intelligent and Biosensors, INTECH, Croatia, 2010, Chapter 9, pp. 185-204.


  •  Rachel  Ngece, Nicolette Hendricks, Natasha West, Peter Ndangili, Abngile Jijana, Stephen Mailu, Tesfaye Waryo, Priscilla Baker, Emmanuel Iwuoha.  A silver nanoparticles-poly (8-anilino-1 naphthalene sulphonic acid) bioelectrochemical sensor system for the determination of etham butol. Biomedical applications of nanostructured material, 263-268 (2010) Macmillan Publishers India Limited. Edited by V Rajendran, BHillbrands, P Prabu and KE Geckeler.


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 University of the Western Cape:
BSc 4 year programme curriculum advisory committee (2006/7)
Member of Senate (2007+)
Science Faculty Student Affairs committee (2008)
Science Faculty Safety representative (2009-2010
Senate advisory committee on technology transfer (2011+)
Senate International relations committee (2012+)
Leadership positions:
Co-leader: Sensor research laboratory, Chemistry department, UWC, 2004-
Chairperson: Electrochemical division of SACI (ElectrochemSA), 2007+
Council member: South African Chemical Institute (2007+)
Deputy HOD: Chemistry department (2011-)
Journal Reviewer: Analytica Chimica Acta ; Journal of Applied Chemistry, Sensors,
Biosensors Bioelectronics; Talanta; Electrochimica Acta and others
Guest editor:  (i) Electrochimica Acta special issue “Sensors and Sensor
Technology”; Electrochimica Acta  55 (14), 30 May 2010
(ii) Analytical Letters, Volume 44 (11) June 2011

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