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 Dr. Yeukai Mupangavanhu

Position: Senior Lecturer
Department: Private Law
Faculty: Faculty of Law
Qualifications: LLM (University of the Western Cape (2004-2005)
LL.B Honors (University of Fort Hare (2000 to 2003)
Tel: 021 959 2134
Fax: 021 959 0000


 Specialist in Contract Law and Intellectual Property Law 

I teach the Law of Contract, Advanced Law of Contract as well as Intellectual Property Law. My research interests cover the Law of Contract, Consumer Protection, Intellectual Property Law particularly Trade Mark Law, as well as regional integration.


1.  Towards an extensive statutory protection of consumers in timeshare agreements: A comparative perspective (accepted African Journal of International and Comparative Law, 2019)

2.  ‘The protection of intellectual property rights within the Continental Free Trade Area in Africa: Is a balance between trade and innovation possible’ 15/4 International Journal of Business, Economics and Law 15/4 14-21.

3.   (with van Huyssteen) ‘The statutory regulation of timeshare agreements in light of the need for greater consumer protection’ (2017) 3 Stell LR 657-678.

4.  The protection of scent, taste and sound marks in South Africa: threats and possibilities’ (2017) 5 SAIP LJ 16-33.

5.  Book publication. Title The Regional Integration of African Trade Mark Law: Challenges and possibilities by Galda Verlag Glienicke, ISBN 978-3-941267-11-4.

6.  ‘The relationship between restraints of trade and garden leave’ (2017) PER /PELJ 1-21.

7.   Electronic signatures and non-variation clauses in the modern digital world. A case from South Africa’, (2016) 133/4 South African Law Journal 853-873.

8.   African Union rising to the need for a continental IP protection? The establishment of Pan-African Intellectual Property Organisation' (2015) 59 Journal of African Law 1-24.

9.   Fairness a slippery concept: The common law of contract and the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008’ (2015) 48 (1) De Jure 116-135.

10.   ‘Towards the harmonisation of trade mark laws in Africa: A comparative analysis of selected trade mark laws’, (2015) 2 (2) Journal of Comparative Law in Africa 98-126, peer-reviewed.

11.   ‘Exemption clauses and the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008: An assessment of Naidoo v Birchwood Hotel 2012 6 SA 170 (GSJ)’ (2014) 17/3 PER/PELJ 1167-1195.

12.   ‘The integration of trade mark laws in the European Union: Lessons for Africa?' South African Intellectual Property Law Journal (2014) 2 SALJ 109-130, peer-reviewed.

13.   ‘An analysis of the dispute settlement mechanism under the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008’ (2012) 15 (5) PER/PELJ 320-346.

14.   (with Brighton Mupangavanhu) Gcaba ‘The Minister of Safety and Security 2009 ZACC. Concurrent Jurisdiction now settled law?’ (2012) 23 (1) Stellenbosch Law Review, 40-54.

15.  (with Brighton Mupangavanhu) ‘Alignment of student discipline administration and design with national law and constitutional imperatives in South Africa’ (2011) 12 (2) Potchefstroom Electronic Journal​​​​



 Affiliated to The South African Association of Intellectual Property Law and Information Technology Law Teachers and Researchers (AIPLITL).

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