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The department houses the social science disciplines of Anthropology and Sociology. It has established, over the years, a good academic reputation with its highly focused courses.

Students in the department enjoy a dynamic and intellectually engaging teaching and research culture imbued with a strong commitment to promoting an inclusive learning environment.

Academics in the department have produced, through their innovative research, an impressive body of knowledge about contemporary social problems in the country.  Many of these are published in international journals and presented at conferences abroad.

The department attracts internationally-renowned scholars and collaborates with most of them on cutting edge research in the areas of health, identity, visual media, environment and animal life.  Students in the department benefit from these collaborations as exchange students in universities abroad.

 Why Study Anthropology?

 Anthropology is one of the social science disciplines. Its focus is culture and societies. It aims to make other cultures familiar.  We get to know about the cultural bases of social behaviour like social values, meanings and norms.  Such understanding is of great benefit in contemporary South Africa where all cultural groups are considered equal before the law.

 Anthropology courses help in clarifying cultural issues for other disciplines and are popular for students studying such disciplines.  Graduates of Anthropology are in demand in both government and the corporate sectors.  They advise and are part of drafting social policies to make them culturally sensitive.  They are in marketing and advertising where their study of cultural bases of consumption behaviour helps in the marketing of products.

Why Study Sociology?

Sociology is widely acknowledged as the queen of social sciences or the “’master’ social science.”  This is because Sociology is generally the study of human society through the investigation of social processes, social resolutions, social institutions, etc.

 Sociology helps us to understand the groups to which we belong, and the societies we create and within which our lives unfold.  Through the study of Sociology, we learn about social differences and social cohesion; inequality and social solidarity and altruism, diverse forms of social differentiation—from race to ethnicity, gender and religion—marriage and family, politics and power, the educational system, health, crime and punishment and urban and rural life.

 With sociological knowledge we better understand the world around us and the consequences of broad trends and change in our society. From the medical field (Medical Sociology) to Social Development, Employment and social research, Sociology graduates bring a robust knowledge of human society to a diverse field of employment. In addition, Sociology offerings are of immense benefit to other disciplines like Law, economics, Business and the Health Sciences.  They provide the social context for issues that are explored in those disciplines.

 Sociology graduates are in business, government, NGOs, banking, finance, marketing, broadcasting teaching and research.

 Courses and Research Opportunities in Anthropology and Sociology

The department offers degree programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in both Anthropology and Sociology.  The programmes have been designed in a student-friendly way without compromising the core of the two disciplines.

The courses help students to learn about culture and society in ways that make them understand issues that these throw up.

The focus of our teaching is to help our students become knowledgeable, skilful, competent and humane citizens.

 At the postgraduate level, we offer learning and research opportunities in the exciting fields of Health and Well-being, Gender, Social Policy, Intellectual Heritage, Multiculturalism, Aesthetics and Popular Culture.

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