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French is one of the major international languages. It is spoken widely in Africa, Europe, North America and South East Asia.




French is one of the major international languages. It is spoken widely in Africa, Europe, North America and South East Asia. As our international links increase, so the need for French speaking people in various fields (commerce, medicine, engineering, education, tourism, etc) will increase. Why learn French? It will greatly increase your employability in the global market. It could also open the doors to various wonderful pleasures.

First Year Course in French

Lectures per week: 3 one hour periods per week

Tutorials per week: 1 one hour period per week

Textbook: Entre-Amis

Evaluation:  continuous evaluation throughout the year, with an examination at the end of the year.

If you have never learnt this language before, you will do a first year course in French. You will learn the "basics" of the French language, which means that you get to introduce yourself, offer (and refuse) invitations, ask for (and give) directions, agree, deny, predict - generally you learn the things that you will need in order to "get by" if you were to find yourself, suddenly, in the middle of a French speaking city where no-one speaks your language. Grammar-wise we're talking about things like verbs (present, past and future), prepositions, the various pronouns and so on. But what is important is that we don't try to do everything; we stick to the essentials. And we try to do it in a supportive way, with quite a bit of emphasis on speaking (in small groups where possible).

Senior Courses in French

French II

French II consists of four modules which can be taken by learners who have passed the first year course with at least 60% and learners who have passed Matric French with at least a C symbol.

The second year modules have a strong emphasis on comprehension, reading, speaking and let's not forget grammar. Literature will be introduced in the second semester.

French III

This year is by and large devoted to honing and perfecting the speaking, reading and writing skills developed before. We take a particular look at the French press (magazines, newspapers, TV). We will do some work on the stylistics of the French language, occasionally making comparisons with English. There is a selection of longer (literary) texts, including some plays and novels.

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