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Getting to know another language and culture is always an exciting prospect - it opens up your vision to new worlds.




Getting to know another language and culture is always an exciting prospect - it opens up your vision to new worlds. But most important, German language skills are very useful when applying for  jobs. For jobs in Cape Town, requiring German, visit and get an idea what is being offered. Those interested and qualified to do postgraduate studies and research in Germany, the DAAD or the German Academic Exchange Service could be of interest to you. (

An overview of the undergraduate courses – for more detail go to the Undergraduate link.

•    First Year Course in German (GER 101) 

The first year course is a year course in which students learn the basic skills to communicate in German. Learning about Germany and other German speaking countries forms part of the course.

•    Second year course in German  (GER 201) 

This is also a year course and focuses on language learning in the first semester and an introduction to literary texts in the second semester. 

•    Third year courses in German (First semester: GER 311/312 and second semester: Ger 321/322)  

The third year semester courses consist of both a language and literature stream.

The two semester courses (GERMAN 311 (First semester) and GERMAN 321 (Second semester)) focus on language acquisition.  There is an option for students who wish to do so, to write the  Zertifikat Deutsch (B1)  examination, which is an internationally recognised examination offered and administered by the Goethe Institute. (For more information see

The semester courses GERMAN 312 (first semester) and 322 (second semester) are literature courses covering the history of literature, poetry and a novel.

Postgraduate Studies

You are also able to do postgraduate courses in German. A detailed  outline of the Honours modules can be seen under the link postgraduate courses.  Remember, it is also possible to do combine a German Honours with other subjects, e.g. English, French  or  Translation Studies which is offered in the French section of the department.

The department also offers German at Masters and PhD level.  

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