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 Multilingual Margins: A journal of Multilingualism from the Periphery


 Multilingual Margins


The journal Multilingual Margins wishes to comprise an intellectual project that seeks to understand the ramifications for theories of language, mind, and society of the diversities of multilingualism in unequal, evolving and connected transnational sites of the South. To a large extent, contemporary understandings of language, multilingualism and speech community remain reliant on analytical frameworks inherited from a colonial and modernist epistemology and ontology of language. These have viewed the political south in terms of difference rather than entanglement, separateness rather than a point of intersection, and alterity rather than a site of convergence and divergence with the political North. This has heavily constrained the forms that discourses of linguistic diversity have taken and can take, compounding the complex conditions and scale of marginalization experienced by local scholars who have had limited purchase in engaging Centre scholars to re-think language from the vantage point of the margins. Thus, Multilingual Margins aspires to deliver incisive theorizations that critically deconstruct ways of talking about language and multilingualism that emanate from the Center. It seeks to provide a forum for the emergence of alternative discourses of multilingualism rooted in close (historiographical) accounts of local language practices and ideologies of the translocal and entangled communities of the political South. To the extent that margins are productive spaces of annotation and commentary on the body or main theme of a text, an approach to multilingualism from the geopolitical margin promises also to contribute to reflection and afterthought, and to new epistemological approaches to language formulated in the Center.

Authors are invited to submit articles that are based on original research in the field of multilingualism, and that will promote interdisciplinary comment and interaction around analyses of multilingualism on the margin and the way these speak to Center analyses. The editorial committee of Multilingual Margins will guarantee that all articles submitted will benefit from a rigorous international peer-review process. The journal encourages submissions in English and other languages living on the margins as occasion may arise. Multilingual Margins accepts the publication of research and conference reports, research notes, state-of-the-art dialogues, book reviews and other expressive genres.

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