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Over the past three years members of the Faculty of Arts have been recognised for the stellar achievements through several national and international awards.


 Awards & Achievements


Over the past three years members of the Faculty of Arts have been recognised for the stellar achievements through several national and international awards. While it is not possible to record all the accolades, there are several that deserve special mention:

• Tammy Shefer (Women and Gender Studies) and Ernst Conradie (Religion and Theology), have been awarded the prestigious university-wide Vice Chancellor’s Research Award for in 2010 and 2012 respectively.

• Patricia Hayes (History), Fatima Moola (English) and Premesh Lalu (History and CHR) have each been awarded the Vice Chancellor’s Teaching Award.

• Duncan Brown received the award for the best edited volume by a UWC academic in 2011 for Religion and Spirituality in South Africa.

• Premesh Lalu’s Deaths of Hintsa received the Vice Chancellor’s award for the best monograph by a UWC academic in 2011.

• Paolo Israel (formerly a postdoctoral fellow in the Centre for Humanities Research and presently lecturer in History) was awarded the Journal of Southern African Studies award in 2011 for the best article in JSAS for a new contributor.

Recognition has not only been limited to UWC. The following national awards maybe mentioned:

• Antjie Krog received two nominations for her single-authored Begging to be Black, and a coauthored book with Nosisi Mpulwana (Xhosa) and Kopano Ratele (formerly in Women’s and Gender Studies) entitled There was this Goat – Investigating the Truth Commission Testimony of Notrose Nobomvu Konile (2009) in the Sunday Times / Alan Paton annual book awards.

• Yasien Mohamed from the Department of Foreign Languages received the World Prize book of the year award from the Republic of Iran for The Past Virtue: The Ethical Philosophy of Al-Raghib al-Isfhani.

• Suren Pillay was awarded the American Choice Award for Outstanding Academic Titles in 2011 for the edited volume Peace versus Justice? The Dilemma of Transitional Justice in Africa.

• Research in Multilingualism at the Faculty has resulted in international recognition on various levels. The prestigious Max Planck Institute for Religious, Ethnic and Social Diversity at Gottingen, Germany invited the Faculty (in the guise of the Center for Multilingualism and Diversities

Research) to partner with them in a research program on Sociolinguistic Superdiversity. Max Planck is funding this collaboration initially to the sum of R1.5 million until December 2013.

• UWC was invited to be a member of a European consortium of 6 universities on superdiversity, the International Consortium of Language and Superdiversity (InCoLaS), comprising as members Tilburg University, Copenhagen University, University of Jyvaskyla, University of London,

Birmingham University and Ghent University. Christopher Stroud was appointed as Senior Research Advisor at the Max Planck Institute in Gottingen.

• The Department of Linguistic has entered into an exchange programme of postgraduate students and staff over 3 years together with Kings College London. The funding (UKP 30000) has been procured by Kings College. This programme may be extended with an International PhD


Such achievements provide a glimpse of the ever-expanding recognition given to research emanating from the Faculty of Arts at UWC. The awards also serve to acknowledge the contributions of UWC academics to broader debates in our society. Several colleagues have taken the time to précis their larger projects for major national newspapers as contributors to public discourse in South Africa.

Perhaps the single-most important indicator of the faculty’s research standing relates to the number of its members who are rated through the National Research Foundation. Currently, twenty faculty members are rated researchers, with Uma Dupelia Mesthrie (History) and G.M de Schrijver (Xhosa) receiving B ratings.

The Faculty of Arts offers its own awards for publications on an annual basis. The recipients include the following colleagues:

• Best Monograph (2009): Wendy Woodward and Julia Martin

• Best Postgraduate thesis (2009): Susan Ntete

• Best essay or article (2009): Susan Newton-King

• Best Monograph (2010): Premesh Lalu

• Best Monograph (2010): Gordon Pirie

• Best Postgraduate thesis (2010): Fatima Moolla

• Best essay or article (2010): Ciraj Rassool

• Best first publication (2010): K Ngara

• Best Monograph (2011): Roger Field

• Best essay or article (2010): Anthony Parr and Ernst Conradie

• Best essay or article (2011): Diana Gibson

• Best first publication (2011): SO Akot and A Akuupa

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