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 Undergraduate Modules

PHI111—Introduction to Philosophy

 This is a course that requires no previous familiarity with Philosophy and it serves to introduce the subject and philosophical issues through the work of a major figure like Descartes or a group of philosophers like the Ancient Greeks. The work of the central figure/s is used as a way in to the understanding of philosophical problems as they were seen at the time and how they feature in contemporary philosophy.


PHI121—Introduction to argumentation and conceptual analysis

This is a skills course, aimed at improving abilities in identifying and evaluating arguments and in critically analysing concepts.


PHI211—Scientific Revolution

Investigates the nature and rationality of scientific change and its implications for progress and knowledge, by studying and thinking about some historical revolutions in science (previous knowledge of science not required).


PHI212—Classical and contemporary conceptual problems

The course studies a selection of the main problems of philosophy in such areas as ethics, epistemology, metaphysics and religion. Topics may cover a wide range including the mind, free will, the self, God, or moral problems. The current central focus is on issues in the philosophy of mind.


PHI221—Enlightenment and the problem of knowledge

The course investigates fundamental issues in the theory of knowledge – the challenge of scepticism, the issue of finding a foundation for knowledge, the nature of perception, knowledge of the world outside of our minds, and the question of how to analyse the concept of knowledge itself. 


PHI222—African Philosophy

This is a survey of the main contributors to disputes around the tradition of African philosophy. You study of the founding texts of African philosophy and investigate a selection of writings from key African philosophers.


PHI311—Currents in Modern Philosophy

The selected current will vary from year to year. The selection will be made from different traditions in philosophy. This year it is focused on questions of legitimacy in political philosophy.


PHI312—Moral Philosophy

The course is concerned with basic concepts and major movements in the history of ethical theorising in the western tradition. It investigates deontological approaches, consequentialist approaches, virtue theory, theories of justice, and African approaches to morality.


PHI321—Issues in Contemporary Philosophy

This module aims at critical understanding of the key debates around a particular set of problems or a particular text in a currently important area of philosophy.  At the moment, we study issues concerning the self and personal identity.


PHI322—The Philosophy of Race, Culture and Identity

Philosophy 322 aims at a critical understanding of the debate around the relationship between these three central concepts and at a critical understanding of the social and political issues created by conflicting notions of race, culture and identity.


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