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 Christian Ecotheology

This collaborative project from the beginning included several subsidiary projects.

a) Ecological theology: A bibliographic survey

b) Hope for the earth: Ecology, eschatology and cosmology (completed)

c) The crown of creation? Anthropology, ecology and eschatology (completed)

d) The earth and God’s work of creation and redemption (2006-2012+)

e) Theological reflections on a culture of consumerism

f) Ecological hermeneutics

g) The Christian Faith and the Earth project (2007-2013)

h) The church and climate change

i) Ecological concerns related to a theology of place

j) Ecology and mission

k) Pneumatology and ecology

l) Ecology and liturgy

m) Redeeming Sin: Hamartology, ecology and social analysis

n) Ecclesiology and ecology

o) Other contributions


For a detailed description of this project, progress that was made in each year and plans underway for the future, please consult the reports for 2012 and 2013​ in this regard.


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