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 Undergraduate Programme

Undergraduate Programme

1st semester

2nd semester


WGS212  Intro to sex, gender sexuality

10 credits

WGS211  Gender in South African Politics & culture

10 credits


This course challenges students to think critically about issues they have learned to take for granted as ‘natural' and ‘normal’. The course draws on the materialities of students own lives to consider feminist critiques of essentialist/binary thinking around sex, gender and sexuality, and to develop insights into the ways in which normative expectations around sex, gender and sexuality have shaped the lives of the students in the class.

This course explores key political and cultural processes encountered in the day to day lives of students. The course explores the gendered dynamics and meanings reflected in popular music, sport and political institutions and organizations and considers how particular gendered identities and roles are prescribed through ideology, popular culture and in everyday life





WGS311 Gender & Development

10 credits

WGS312 Gender & Embodiment 

10 credits

This course focuses on how women have been disadvantaged through global and regional processes of economic development. Using South African case studies, students employ a gendered lens to reflect critically on different views about development, as well as gendered change in the global socio-economic order.

This course introduces students to social constructionist theorising associated with feminist explorations of the body.  Students employ this theorising to consider body images in magazines and advertising; social practices for altering bodies; disability and norms about body perfection, medical, historical and anthropological discourses; fgm, disability and disease, cosmetic surgery and bodily alteration. Working in groups, students also use digital, creative and performative texts in demonstrating theoretical and analytical knowledge, and perform the role of peers and teachers in relation to one another.


At second year, students wishing to major in WGS need to do WGS212, WGS211 and 20 extra credits from Ant 221; Ant 222; His 223; Soc 231 or Soc 232

At third year, students wishing to major in WGS need to do WGS311, WGS312 WGS321 and 10 extra credits from Ethics 321; Ant 312; Soc 311; Soc 312; Soc 321 or Soc 322

WGS321 Research Project

10 credits

This course foregrounds students as knowledge producers and provides practical training in methods and tools for conducting research on gender issues and from a gender-based perspective. Students are taught how to engage with gender-sensitive and feminist qualitative research methodology, and to develop skills for designing, implementing and writing up their own independent research projects.



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