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 Primary Health Care


Overview & purpose

The purpose of this course is to equip the students with the basic knowledge and skills for understanding the concepts health, development and primary health care and the links between them. The course also introduces the students to some of the conceptual foundations which form the basis for sound ethical practice of health care professionals.

Specific Outcomes

1. Understand and describe ‘care’ as a social practice and your position as a future health care professional in the larger social power constructs, e.g. gender, class and race, and the impact of policy on these constructs.

2. Demonstrate knowledge of some basic moral concepts, ethics and human rights relevant to service providing and an awareness of the ethical responsibilities of health care workers in South Africa.

3. Demonstrate the ability to identify and the skills needed when dealing with moral dilemmas in day to day caring practices.

4. Demonstrate skills and professional conduct such as punctuality, participation and attendance when working in interdisciplinary groups.

5. Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts of health and the social determinants of health.

6. Describe the impact of social inequality, poverty and underdevelopment in a local community context.

7. Describe the origins and main features of the Primary Health Care Approach and analyses its implementation in a community context.

8. Describe the factors influencing the health of a specific community and make recommendations to improve health using the Primary Health Care Approach.

9. Reflect and report on the value of working in interdisciplinary teams.

Download PHC Course Material 2017 or PHC Workbook 2017


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