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Faculty Of Community & Health Sciences Mission Statement

The University of the Western Cape has an explicit commitment to the development of historically disadvantaged communities in South Africa from which it draws most its students.  It aims to play a particular role in this development by making its education accessible to students from these communities.

The Faculty of Community and Health Sciences is a multi-disciplinary team committed to the promotion of a new vision of Health and Welfare Services. Both in the training and education it offers and in the professionals it produces it aims to advance the transformation of existing Health and Welfare Services in South Africa.

The Faculty is committed to:

1.  a proactive approach to managing it’s own affairs as well as to the professional issues which it must address;

2.  the pursuit of excellence in education, research and community service;

3.  the generation of knowledge which amongst other things, addresses the realities, problems and needs of the   


4.  student education which promotes:

  • a progressive primary health care approach to health and welfare services  which is firmly rooted in the      community
  • inter-disciplinary teamwork
  • competency in problem-solving, leadership and advocacy
  • critical analysis
  • an attitude of creativity and adaptability

5.  student academic development, generating appropriate teaching strategies to address educational

     inadequacies and ensure the acquisition of competencies;

6.  the development of dynamic, accessible and responsive models of training and intervention;

7.  contributing to the formulation and implementation of policy which will ensure an equitable, efficient and

     effective Health and Welfare System in South Africa;

8.  developing a collaborative relationship with the broader community;

9.  staff development, both as an important function of departments, and as requiring vigorous and structured

     attention from the Faculty.





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