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BSc (Physiotherapy)


Level 1


PHT111 Analysis of Posture/Movement Ergonomics & Kinetic Handling

PHT200 Exercise to Promote Health

PHT100 Physiotherapy Techniques I

HUB117 Human Biology 117

HUB127 Human Biology 127

PHY106 Physics for Physiotherapy

PSY112 Brain and Behaviour

PSY121 Psychology of Child Development

HPC113 Health Development and Primary Health Care (PT)

IPC116 Introduction to Philosophy of Care (PT)

CCL111 Computer Literacy

EED121 English for Education Development (CHS)


Level 2

PHT314 Physiotherapy Techniques II 314

PHT245 Movement Science II 245

PHT211 Disability and Rehabilitation 211

PHT203 Applied Physiotherapy 203

PHT110 Physiotherapy Clinical Practice I 110

MBS213 Medical Bioscience 213

MBS214 Medical Bioscience 214

MBS215 Medical Bioscience 215

MBS216 Medical Bioscience 216

PSY211 Study of Human Development 211

PSY224 Health Psychology 224

PSY223 Community Psychology 223

HLP214 Health Promotion 214 (PT)


Level 3


PHT311 Physiotherapy Techniques III 311

PHT313 Movement Science III 313

PHT310 Community Based Rehabilitation 310

PHT303 Applied Physiotherapy 303

PHT316 Physiotherapy Clinical Practice II

MHD223 Measuring Health and Disease 223


Level 4


PHT402 Ethics (PT) 402

PHT401 Management (PT) 401

PHT403 Applied Physiotherapy 403

PHT404 Research Project (PT) 404

PHT405 Physiotherapy Clinical Practice III 405


Registration as a Physiotherapist

Students registered for the BSc (Physiotherapy) course are required to register with the Professional Board of Physiotherapy with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). This registration is valid for the duration of training.

Physiotherapist graduates who are South African citizens will be required to complete one year community service.  During this period they will be registered as Physiotherapist: Community Service with the HPCSA.


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