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 Alcohol Problems: A Health Promotion Approach

Welcome to the ‘Alcohol Problems: A Health Promotion Approach’ module. Since alcohol abuse can have negative consequences for individuals, families and the wider society, it constitutes an important public health issue. Unfortunately it is not as straightforward to deal with on a policy and educational level as other tobacco, because alcohol can be used with no harmful effect if used responsibly. In developing countries it is still a neglected problem in terms of prevention and rehabilitation, with few resources allocated to law enforcement, awareness raising, and training of service providers and policy makers.

The module helps to develop an understanding of the various consequences of alcohol abuse and of the research processes used to measure this; and provides with approaches to preventing alcohol problems, ranging from policy and environmental changes to educational and rehabilitation programmes. Some of the readings were chosen to illustrate the main concepts of the module using the following themes: youth, women, and foetal alcohol syndrome.

Creators: Dr Kirstie, Rendall-Mkosi, Lucy Alexander

Publication year: 2004

Language: English

Education level: Master Public Health

License Condition: Creative Commons: Attribution-Non Commercial Share Alike 3.0    

Copyright holder: School of Public Health (SOPH), University of Western Cape

Click below to download the different units of the module guide.

File 1 SOPH, UWC, Alcohol Problems Module Introduction

File 2 SOPH, UWC, Alcohol Problems Unit 1

File 3 SOPH, UWC, Alcohol Problems Unit 2

File 4 SOPH, UWC, Alcohol Problems Unit 3

File 5 SOPH, UWC, Alcohol Problems Unit 4


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