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The Oral and Dental Research Institute serves the Faculty and the community through development and execution of distinguished, innovating and ethically accountable research and strives for the improvement and advancement of quality of life of the South African community through its research. 


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Activities of the Institute

Members of the Institute perform self-initiated research projects and give guidance and support to staff and undergraduate and postgraduate students. A limited service in diagnostic microbiology is also available to the Oral and Dental Teaching Hospital.

Current Laboratory Research:

1.    Examinations into the behavior of dental materials, like shrinkage, micro leakage, shear bond strengths, micro-hardness, and fluoride release.

2.    Investigating different PCR identification techniques for rapid oral yeast identification

3.    The maintenance and growth of human tooth pulp fibroblast cell-lines and the mouse 3T3 cell-line, which are used in cytotoxicity studies of dental materials and bonding agents.

4.    Effect of different in-office and at-home bleaching agents on enamel and dentine through spectrophotometric colour analysis, micro-hardness tests, scanning electron microscope studies and confocal laser images.

5.    Efficacy of different bleaching agents on standard colored teeth.

6.    Fluoride analyses which includes micro- and macro- analysis of different kinds of fluorides in enamel/dentine, foodstuff and water.

7.    The demineralization effect of honey on enamel.

8.    Anti-bacterial effect of honey on various oral bacteria.

9.    Genotyping of Streptococcus mutans strains isolated from severe early childhood caries.

Current Clinical Research:

1.    Efficacy of in-office or power bleaching and at-home bleaching or night-guard vital tooth bleaching through spectrophotometric colour analysis.

2.    The effect of different natural fluoride concentrations in drinking water supplies on teeth fluorosis, teeth caries and bone density of children born in these areas.

3.    Candida infection in denture stomatitis.

4.    Identification of Streptococcus mutans genotypes present in children with early childhood caries​

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