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Experiential understanding of language for social empowerment

Team leader: Prof Sivasubramaniam

 Recent publications:

Sivasubramaniam, S. (2011) Coming to terms with EIL competence, in R.Nunn & Sivasubramaniam (Eds) From Defining EIL Competence to Developing EIL Learning,Taylor International, Asia. Sivasubramaniam.S I.Gyulazyan ( 2012) The European Language Portfolio as a tool for democratizing language

teaching, in Journal of English as an internationalLanguageVol.7, Issue 1


Language of Instruction in Tanzania and South Africa

Team Leader: Prof Z. Desai

 Recent publications:

Brock-Utne, B, Desai, Z. Qorro, M A S. & Pitman, A. (Eds.)(2010) Languages of instruction in Tanzania and South Africa – Highlights from a project. Rotterdam: SensePublishers.Selected chapters Expressing oneself through writing: Birgit Brock-Utne and Zubeida Desai Mother tongue instruction and understanding of Natural Science concepts in a South African primary school: Keith Langenhoven Parents’ choice of the medium of instruction in Science: Vuyokazi Nomlomo

Reflections on the LOITASA Project in South Africa: Zubeida Desai


Language of instruction and classroom interaction

Team leader: Dr V Nomlomo

 Recent publications:

Nomlomo V. 2010. Classroom interaction: Turn-taking as a pedagogical strategy. Per Linguam, 26(2), 50 – 66.

Family Dynamics and Children’s academic, social and psychological development and overall well-being

Team leaders: Prof O. Bojuwoye & Mr T. Sylvester

 Recent publications:

Bojuwoye, O. & Akpan, O. (2009). Personal, familial and environmental perspectives in children’s reactions to parental divorce in South Africa. Journal of Family Studies, 15, 260 – 273. Sylvester, T. & Bojuwoye, O. (2011).  Experiences of father absence adolescents from a South African community. Journal of Psychology in Africa, 21(1), 115-120.

Poverty imperatives of informal settlement schools in South Africa.

Recent publications:

Maarman, R. (2009) Manifestations of ‘capabilities poverty’ with learners attending informal settlement schools,  South African Journal of Education, 29, 317-331.


The Relevance of School Mathematics Education

Team leaders: Prof Julie & Prof Mbekwa

 Recent publications:

Julie, C. 2009. Appropriate contexts for teacher in-service courses: Perspectives of practising teachers. South  African Journal of Higher Education, 23(1), 113–126.

The Science and Indigenous Knowledge Systems Project

Team leader: Prof M.Ogunniyi

 Recent publications:

Ramorogo, G & Ogunniyi, M.B. (2010) Exploring teachers’ conceptions of the rainbow using an argumentation-based intervention. African Journal of Research in MST Education, 14(1) 2010, pp. 24–35.

The relationship between higher education and society

Project Leader: Prof B Thaver

 Recent publications:

Thaver, B. & Thaver, L. (2010) Structural orientation and social agency in South Africa: State, race, higher education and transformation. African Sociological Review, Vol 14, No. 1 Thaver, B. (2010) The transition to equity in South African higher education: Governance, fairness and trust in everyday academic practice. The International Journal of Politics, Culture and Society, Vol 23 No. 10.

The Vocational Education Orientation Programme: a formal induction programme for the training of FET College Lecturers.

Recent publications:

Papier, J. (2010) From policy to curriculum in SA vocational teacher education: a comparative perspective. Journal of Vocational Education and Training, 62(2), pp.153-163. Papier. J. (2009) The notion of vocational pedagogy and implications for the training of vocational teachers in South Africa – Examining the field. In Dittrich, J., Yunos, J.M., Spottl, G., and Bukit, M. (Eds.), ‘Standardisation in TVET Teacher Education’, Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Main, pp.39-49.


Financing African higher education and trends of expansion in African higher education Team leader: Dr. Gerald Ouma

Recent publications:

Wangenge-Ouma, G. (2011) Managing resource dependence difficulties in African higher education: the case of multiple exchange relationships, in Higher Education policy. 24, 167–184. Wangenge-Ouma, G. (2010) Funding and the Attainmentof Transformation Goals in South Africa’s Higher Education, in Oxford Review of Education. 36: 4, 481 — 497.

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