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School of Science and Mathematics Education

The role of science and mathematics education in producing the critically needed scientific and technological humanpower for socio-economic development of a country cannot be over exaggerated. In pursuance of this goal, the School of Science and mathematics Education (SSME) has been involved for several years in the training of teachers at the primary, secondary and higher levels of education. The UNESCO/UNITWIN Centre for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Education and other projects of the School have attracted and trained a large number of post-graduate students from many African countries. In all respects the School has fulfilled the mandate of a full academic unit in a university committed to training, re-training and upgrading high-level humanpower. The School has internationally acclaimed National Research Foundation rated researchers who coordinate large-scale research projects involving both national and international collaborators and who are on the editorial boards of foremost journals in the field of science and mathematics education. The School’s Seminar Series titled, “The Pursuit of Excellence in Science and Mathematics Education is distributed both nationally and internationally.


SSME offers Masters by full thesis or structured modules plus mini-thesis. Admission into the Masters by full thesis is done annually while admission into the structured Masters programme is done bi-annually. Admission into the doctoral programme is based on a very good performance at the Masters level plus a good proposal and success in an interview conducted by the School. The staff of SSME is responsible for teaching modules in science, mathematics and technology education at the diploma, undergraduate and post-graduate levels.


The research interests of staff are situated within socio-cultural paradigms. Currently the staff is engaged in the following research projects.

  • Using argumentation as an instructional tool to implement an inclusive Science, Mathematics and Indigenous     Knowledge Systems (IKS) Curriculum.
    Analyzing Science and IKS Cosmological Worldviews of science teachers and learners.
    Using innovative methods to enhance the teaching and learning of school science and mathematics.
    Social, political and historical issues in Mathematics.
    Scientific and Mathematical Literacy.
    Curriculum design, implementation and assessment in school science and mathematics.
    Language of instruction in science and mathematics.
    Technology in mathematics.
    Televance of Science and Mathematics Education.
    ADTOM Assessment –Driven Teaching of Mathematics.
    LOITASA – Language of Instruction in School Science and Mathematics in South Africa and Tanzania
    Use of Zome Geometry Systems in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
    Use of Geometry Sketchpad in Developing generalizations


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