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Author: Prof Shaheed Hartley

 It is my pleasure to introduce you to the University of the Western Cape Science Learning Centre for Africa (UWC-SLCA)

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the University of the Western Cape Science Learning Centre for Africa (UWC-SLCA). We are based in the Goldfields Building on campus and are part of the Faculty of Education. UWC-SLCA is an outreach, support, training and research centre for science and mathematics education. It adheres to principles and mission of the University by ensuring that we maintain our activities in teaching, research and community engagement at the highest level. The UWC-SLCA philosophy to improve the status of science education is to create an environment for science educators to improve the culture of science teaching and at the same time supporting a culture of science learning by providing attractive, interesting and challenging programmes for learners. To facilitate these two processes UWC-SLCA infrastructure programme seek to provide the space, environment and setting for science teaching and learning by constructing science learning centres (laboratories) at participating schools. UWC-SLCA prides itself in the delivery of award-winning projects, programmes and courses in science and mathematics education based on current, relevant, real-life and priority challenges in primary and secondary schools. The UWC-SLCA’s research into the needs of science and mathematics educators allow us to develop relevant outreach and on-campus initiatives that addresses real needs identified by educators at the classroom level. In line with the UWC tradition, UWC-SLCA supports educators and learners from disadvantaged schools in rural and peri-urban areas and strives to build, in many instances, a first generation of role models in science, engineering and technology. UWC-SLCA serves as a science and mathematics help-desk for educators and learners and assist many schools across the Cape Flats with curriculum challenges that they may encounter. It is our intention to tackle the crisis in science and mathematics education in South Africa head-on and to make a positive difference in the lives of our educators and learners.​​​


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