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Welcome to The Science Learning Centre for Africa

The Science Learning Centre for Africa​

The UWC Science Learning Centre for Africa (UWC-SLCA) of the Faculty of Education is an outreach, support, training and research centre for science and mathematics education. 

It adheres to the principles and mission of the University by ensuring that it maintains the activities in teaching, research and community engagement at the highest level. UWC-SLCA prides itself in the delivery of award-winning projects, programmes and courses in science and mathematics education based on current, relevant, real-life and priority challenges in primary and secondary schools. As a first stage UWC-SLCA supports science and mathematics educators to improve the culture of science teaching by providing training in content knowledge, pedagogical strategies and practical and experimental skills. The science and mathematics support to educators is provided in Western, Eastern and Northern Cape provinces and takes place in the form of training sessions and workshops, as well as structured courses such as accredited short courses, Advanced Diploma in Education (ADE) and postgraduate courses including BEd Hons, MEd and PhD in Science Education. 

As a second stage UWC-SLCA addresses the culture of science learning by supporting participating teachers’ learners through tutorial programmes in science and mathematics, science clubs, science shows, science competitions and exhibitions. The third stage to science development involves the construction of a science laboratory called a science learning centre. In general schools in disadvantaged communities were never built with facilities that would engender the learning of science. Thus the construction of a science learning centre provides the teachers and learners with a creative space in which the teaching and learning of science and mathematics can be harnessed. The science learning centre therefore serves as the hub in schools where the culture of science teaching and the culture of science learning are incubated to lead to improved results and better understanding of science for Science, Engineering and Technology careers. The construction of Science Learning Centres takes place in partnership with corporate funders who either fund the construction in its entirety or make a contribution towards the construction. UWC-SLCA provides the training, support and development of teachers and learners and serves as the vehicle through which this project maintained.​​​​​​​​​​


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