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Welcome to Department of Academic Development

The Department, created in 2004, houses all the support programmes offered to entering students enrolled in the three- and four-year degree programmes in the faculty and provides theoretical and practical support through the teaching of required skills and concepts.


 Department of Academic Development


Three-year degree programme

The various academic literacy modules aim to equip all incoming students with academic literacy skills and knowledge needed in their undergraduate studies, as well as the world of work. Modules are shaped through on-going discussions with faculty to ensure that the tasks prescribed in the module develop skills students will need in the faculty.


Four-year degree programme

The department houses the four-year degree programme which provides students with foundational support and which allows students entry into the four-year B. Com. (General) and B. Com. (Accounting) degrees. The programme is a mix of foundational and mainstream modules in the first year and second-year levels.


Student support programme

The EMS Student Support and Research Unit assists students in the four-year degree programme to gain a better understanding of the academic project, and tracks student performance in order to raise the awareness of students of their possible exclusion from the university.


Staff development

In addition, the department provides staff developmental support which promotes the professional competence of the academic staff.  It gives regular workshops and seminars on aspects of teaching and learning; creates policies and shares strategies, and gives attention to the development needs of new personnel at induction programmes.

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