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Welcome to The Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences

The Faculty is well-connected with commerce, industry and government. Its strong teaching and applied research focus is building critical capacity in both the private and public sectors.

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    • School of Business and Finance (SBF)

      ​The SBF provides professional and academic leadership and management training for the business sector, public sector, NGOs other related organisations and makes an invaluable contribution to develop the leadership cadre required to drive economic development. Similarly it also engages in research, consultancy and policy advice to attune its alumni to the competitive demands of an increasingly global market.

    • School of Government

      ​The SOG provides professional and academic training for the public sector at national, provincial and local levels, for NGOs, trade unions and other related organisations, and also engages in research, consultancy and policy advice. This was the main purpose behind the School of Government's decision to put in place a new lifelong learning postgraduate programme which is broad in focus, more professional and career-oriented, and provides students with a balanced and relevant mix of practical and theoretical skills. It is also multi-disciplinary in nature, drawing widely on the skills and experience of the School's cognate departments.

    • Department of Accounting

      ​The Department of Accounting provides both relevant and quality training, research, and community service that will cater for the accounting training requirements of civil service, local government and public enterprise in South Africa, as well as that of the private sector in the composite disciplines of Accounting (incorporating Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Financial Management, Auditing and Control, Information Systems and Taxation) in both the private sector and public sector environments.

    • Department of Economics

      ​Our Professional degree programmes, are carefully designed and focused on developing your skills as an economist through applying a range of real world issues. All our programmes offer rigorous academic standards comparable with similar programmes abroad, yet are found to be the most reasonably priced course fees throughout South Africa.

    • Department of Industrial Psychology

      ​The Department of Industrial Psychology provides both undergraduate as well as postgraduate programmes which equip students to deal with organisational challenges in the various sub-fields of Industrial-Organisational Psychology. These sub-fields include: Human Resource management, Research Methodology, Ergonomics, Management & Leadership and Organisational Development.

    • Department of Information Systems

      In​formation Systems are key contributors to transformation – of an organisation, an industry, or of a whole country – that is why Information Systems are important to SA. At UWC we offer modules in IS from first year and have a specialized IS stream from the second year of studying.

    • Department of Political Studies

      ​The department encompasses two streams within Political Studies, namely Politics and International Relations, providing a balanced mixed of modules in our undergraduate and post-graduate programmes.

    • Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies (PLAAS)

      ​The institute engages in research, training, policy development and advocacy in relation to land and agrarian reform, rural governance and natural resource management. It is committed to social change that empowers the poor, builds democracy and enhances sustainable livelihoods.

    • Institute for Social Development (ISD)

      ​The Institute for Social Development conducts research on socio-economic, welfare and development policy issues, teaches Honours and Masters courses in Development studies and supports community development projects in rural areas.

    • The African Centre for Citizenship and Democracy (ACCEDE)

      ​The African Centre for Citizenship and Democracy functions as a research 'clearing house' for research on citizenship, development and democracy within the School of Government and within the EMS Faculty. The Centre also brings together local, regional and national doctoral and post doctorate research and is aimed at creating a vibrant space in which both more senior and younger scholars can share their work. The Centre adds value to the postgraduate programmes of the School of Government by bringing new insights and research perspectives on citizenship and related themes to the courses presented.

    • The Centre of Excellence in Food Security

      We are a virtual centre hosted by the Universities of the Western Cape and co-hosted by the University of Pretoria. Researchers in the Centre are drawn from Universities of Cape Town, Fort Hare, Johannesburg, Nelson Mandela, North West, Stellenbosch and Venda, Tshwane University of Technology, the Agricultural Research Council and the Water Research Council. Our international partners are the Australian National University, City University of New York, Institute of Development Studies, International Food Policy Research Institute, Michigan State University and Missouri University.

    • Entrepreneurship Development Unit (EDU)

      ​The Entrepreneurship Development Unit (EDU) was established 1983 to coordinate research, training and consulting with a focus on supporting SME service providers and developing the small to medium enterprise sector.

    • Fair Share Unit (FSU)

      ​Fair Share is the unit that works primarily within communities to assist civil society organisations to participate in municipal governance. The focus of its work is to strengthen the capacity of communities to participate effectively in municipal planning and budgeting processes.







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