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The Age of Commodity: Water Privatization in Southern Africa

By David McDonald, Greg Ruiters​

As globalization and market liberalization march forward unabated the global commons continue to be commodified and privatized at a rapid pace. In this global process, the ownership, sale and supply of water is increasingly a flashpoint for debates and conflict over privatization, and nowhere is the debate more advanced or acute than in Southern Africa​.

Citizenship and Social Movements: Perspectives from the Global South

By Lisa Thompson, Chris Tapscott
Past debates over social movements have suffered from a focus on Anglo-America and Europe, often neglecting the significance of collective actions of citizens in the Global South. 

Trust In Public Institutions In South Africa.jpg

Trust In Public Institutions In South Africa​

By Steinar Askvik, Nelleke Bak

This volume analyzes specific instantiations of trust/distrust relationships and trust inducing/reducing conditions in a South African context. Through its various contributions, it provides an understanding of the dynamics of trust building in South Africa in relation to national and local institutions, and within various sectors such as agriculture, health and education. The studies are also pertinent to developing countries in general.​

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Governance and Resource Management in Southern Africa​

The book Governance and Resource Management in Southern Africa, examines contemporary principles of good governance and endeavours to crystallise ways in which poor governance practices affect the management of diverse national resources from human resources to natural resources and other infrastructure.​

Editors: (Ile, Kanyane & Allen-Ile)




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