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 Dean's Message

Author: Dean

 "Our Faculty’s greatest service to our country and continent is providing a nurturing environment for Africa’s legal talent to blossom: a “cradle of Africa’s legal talent”

The Faculty enjoys the laurels garnered by our many illustrious alumni who grace the bench, play a leading role in various bar associations as well leading some of our country’s pre-eminent firms of attorneys. UWC’s Law Faculty, however, still aspires to fully own and live the motto: “cradle of Africa’s legal talent”. Graduating six doctors at the March graduation ceremony, 4 of who hail from other States within Africa, begins to position us within a space where we can realise our aspiration.

UWC’s Law Faculty is distinguished by its innovative, socially relevant offerings, some of which are our masters’ programmes in Multi-level Government and International trade, as well as the masters’ and doctoral programme which we offer in collaboration with Humboldt-Universität within the South African-German Centre for Transnational Justice.

The combined effect of the efforts of the Teaching Unit, Community Law Centre (CLC), Legal Aid Clinic (LAC), Social Law Project (SLP) and Disability Law and Policy Unit (DLPU) produce the Faculty’s notable contribution to UWC’s status as an engaged University.

The effectiveness of the Faculty’s teaching programme is bolstered by an extensive tutorial system presented by our Graduate Lecturing Assistants, all of whom are also masters’ and doctoral students. The success of our doctoral students, most of who graduate within the prescribed time, is ensured by participation in biennial doctoral colloquia. The upward trajectory of our research output feeds off and is spurred on by our annual research retreat, the five on-going CLC projects, masters’ and doctoral students as well as the recently established post-doctoral fellowships. 

The Faculty’s international standing shines through in the significant number of African and European Universities with whom we have exchange programmes, the stellar quality of our Extraordinary Professors as well as the fact that we host two Summer School programmes: one run in conjunction with Howard University and one with the University of Missouri. The vast majority of our doctoral graduates are from our continent.  

Receiving the baton of leadership of a Faculty dedicated to producing excellence and serving the profession within our country and continent with pride, is a singular honour and privilege.



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