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  Faculty Publications

Publications Law Faculty 2018


Chigwata, T. Provincial and Local Government Reform in Zimbabwe: An analysis of the Law, Policy and Practice (Cape Town: Juta, 2018) 532 pp.

Du Toit D. et al Labour Law through the Cases (LexisNexis, 2002-2018) loose-leaf

French D. and Kotzé L. (eds.) Sustainable Development Goals: Law, Theory and Implementation (Edward Elgar, 2018) 331 pp.

Ruiz Abou-Nigm V., McCall-Smith H and French D. (eds.) Linkages and Boundaries in Private and Public International Law (Hart, 2018) 272 pp.

Hamman A. The Impact of Anti-Money Laundering Legislation on the Legal Profession in South Africa (Galda Verlag, 2018) 262 pp.

Maris C.W. Tolerance: Experiments with Freedom in the Netherlands (Springer, 2018) 410 pp.

Ndlovu, P. Competition Law in South Africa (Wolters Kluwer, 2018) 368 pp.

Steytler, N. (ed.) The BRICS Partnership: Challenges and Prospects for Multilevel Government (Cape Town: Juta, 2018) 176 pp.

Steytler N.C. and De Visser J. Local Government Law of South Africa (LexisNexis, 2012-2018) loose-leaf

Tessema, M.T. Persecution of Politicide in Ethiopia: The Red Terror Trials (Springer, 2018) 303 pp.

Van Reenen S. and De Ville, J. Translation of Jacques Derrida Before the Law: The Complete text of Préjugés (University of Minnesota Press, 2018) 78 pp.

Chapters in books

Bodenstein J. (ed.) Law Clinics and the Clinical Law Movement in South Africa (Juta, 2018) (contributors include: Adams, D., Rippenaar, S. Pillay, G., and Jassiem, S.)

Cooper N. and French D. ‘Partnerships for the Goals - Cooperation within the Context of a Voluntarist Framework’ in French D. and Kotze L. (eds.) Sustainable development Goals: Law, Theory and Implementation, pp. 271-304 (Edward Elgar, 2018)

De Visser J. and Steytler N. ‘“!ke e:/xarra //ke”: Old Diversities and New Responses in the Quest for Unity in South Africa’, in Gagnon A-G. and Burgess M. (eds.) Revisiting Unity and Diversity in Federal Countries: Changing Concepts, Reform Proposals and New Institutional Realities, pp. 5-26 (Brill, 2018)

Diala A. ‘Legal Pluralism and Social Change: Insights from Matrimonial Property Rights in Nigeria’ in Rautenbach, C. (ed.) In the Shade of an African Baobab: Tom Bennett's Legacy, pp. 155-174 (Juta, 2018)

Durojaye E. ‘The General Comments of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights: A source of Norms and Standard setting on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights’ in Shyllon O. (ed.) Model Law on Access to Information for Africa and other Regional Instruments: Soft Law and Human Rights in Africa, pp. 216-233 (Pretoria University Law Press, 2018)

Du Toit D. ‘From “Platform Capitalism” towards a “Sharing Economy”, in Deinert O. et al (eds.) Demokratisierung der Wirtschaft durch Arbeitsrecht: Festschrift für Thomas Klebe, pp. 381-387 (Frankfurt am Main: Bund, 2018)

Du Toit F. ‘Not-for-profit organizations and equality law’ in Harding M. (ed.) Research Handbook on Not-For-Profit Law, pp. 231-251 (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2018)

Du Toit F. ‘The Core Elements of the South African Trust and the Remedies of Trust Beneficiaries’ in Barrière F. (ed.) La Fiducie: Assise Théorique et Applications Pratiques / Trusts in Civil Law Jurisdictions: Operational and Practical Perspectives, pp. 35–56 (LexisNexis, 2018)

Fessha Y. ‘Empowerment and Exclusion: The Story of Two African Federations’, in Gagnon, A.-G. and  Burgess, M. (eds.) Revisiting unity and diversity in federal countries: Changing concepts, reform proposals and new institutional realities, pp. 57-78 (Brill, 2018)

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Govender R., Potberg C. and Verster, J. ‘Engaging further Education and Training Mathematics Student Teachers’ Knowledge’ in Sayed, Y. et al (eds.) Learning to Teach in Post-Apartheid South Africa: Student Teachers' Encounters with Initial Teacher Education, 189-200 (African Sun Media, 2018)

Le Roux, W. ‘Immigration Detention’ in Khan F. (ed.) Immigration Law in South Africa, pp. 195-221 (Juta, 2018)

Moosa N. ‘South Africa: The Implications of Varying Statutory Minimum Age Thresholds for Child Consent in Respect of Minors Granted Majority Status Through Civil Marriage in South Africa’, in Brinig M. (ed.), International Survey of Family Law, pp. 493-525  (Intersentia, 2018)

Moosa N., Amien W. and Rautenbach C. Chapter 4: Religious, Personal and Family Law Systems in South Africa, in Rautenbach C. (ed.) Introduction to Legal Pluralism in South Africa 5th Edition, pp. 61-76 (LexisNexis, 2018)

Moosa N., Amien W. and Rautenbach C. (2018). ‘Chapter 14: Muslim Personal Law’, in Rautenbach C. (ed.) Introduction to Legal Pluralism in South Africa 5th Edition, pp. 345-382 (LexisNexis, 2018)

Mujuzi J. ‘The Law and the Protection of the Family in Sentencing Primary Caregivers of Children: Practice from a Few African Countries’ in Brinig M. (ed.) International Survey of Family Law, pp. 23–49 (Intersentia, 2018)

Muntingh L. and Larner S. ‘Juveniles in Transition: The Situation in South Africa’, in O'Neill, S. (ed.) Incarcerated Youth transitioning back to the Community, pp. 237-253 (Springer, 2018)

Nanima R.D. (2018) ‘From Kampala to Harare: The Need to Revisit the Kelsenian Theory on the Adoption of a New Legal Order’, in Amutabi M.N. (ed.) Governance and Economic Development in Africa, pp. 170-178 (Centre for Democracy, Research and Development, 2018)

Ogunfolu A., Assim U.M.   & Adejumo O. (2018) ‘Boko Haram: On the Road to Algiers?’ in Iyi J.M. And Strydom H. (eds.) Boko Haram and International Law, pp. 179-204 (Springer, 2018)

Scholtz W. and Barnard M. (2018) ‘Global Goals and the Environment: We are on a Road to Nowhere’ in French D. and Kotze L. (eds.) Sustainable development Goals: Law, Theory and Implementation, pp. 222-249 (Edward Elgar, 2018)

Sloth-Nielsen J. ‘Southern African Perspectives on Banning Corporal Punishment – a Comparison of Namibia, Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe’, in Saunders B., Leviner P. and Naylor B. (eds.) Corporal Punish​ment of Children: Comparative Legal and Social Development towards Prohibition and Beyond, pp. 245-266 (Brill, 2018)

Sloth-Nielsen J. ‘Africa: Children and Informal Justice Systems in Africa’, in Brinig M. (ed.) International Survey on Family Law, pp. 1-19 (Intersentia, 2018)

Steytler N. (2018) ‘Theme Committee 2: Getting the Basic Governance Structures Right’, in Celebrating 20 years of the Constitution and the National Council of Provinces, pp.100-112 (Parliament of the Republic of South Africa, 2018)

Steytler N. ‘The BRICS Partnership’s Domestic Agenda in the Context of Multilevel Government in Member Countries’, in Steytler N. (ed.) The BRICS Partnership: Challenges and Prospects for Multilevel Government, pp. 1-9 (Juta, 2018)

Steytler N. ‘Multilevel Government in South Africa and the BRICS Partnership’, in Steytler N. (ed.) The BRICS Partnership: Challenges and Prospects for Multilevel Government, pp. 52-63 (Juta, 2018)

Steytler N. “The Multilevel Government Dimension of the BRICS Partnership” in Steytler N. (ed.) The BRICS Partnership: Challenges and Prospects for Multilevel Government, 168-176 (Juta, 2018)

Steytler N. ‘Federal Practice in Africa: Are there Lessons for Ethiopia?’ in Fiseha A. (ed.) Emerging Issues in Federalism and Governance in Ethiopia pp. 25-54 (Addis Ababa University Business Enterprise Printing House, 2018)

Steytler N. and Ayele Z.A. ‘Local Governments in African Federal and Devolved Systems of Government: The Struggle for a Balance between Financial and Fiscal Autonomy and Discipline’, in Valdesalici A. and Palermo F. (eds.) Comparing Fiscal Federalism, pp. 299-327 (Brill, 2018)

Wandrag R. ‘Chapter 29: Governance of State-Owned Companies’, in M.K. Havenga (Man. ed.) Company Secretarial Practice, pp. 29-1 to 29-22 (Juta, Update 2018)

Journal articles

Aisosa J.I. and Durojaye E. ‘The Child’s Right to Basic Education in Nigeria: A commentary on the decision in SERAP v Nigeria (2018) 26:4 African Journal of International and Comparative Law pp. 639–648

Anthony A. ‘The Use of E-procurement in South African Public Procurement Law: Challenges and Prospects’ (2018) 22 Law, Democracy and Development, pp. 39-47

Chigwata T.C. and Ziswa M. ‘Entrenching Decentralisation in Africa: A Review of the African Charter on the Values and Principles of Decentralisation, Local Governance and Local Development’ (2018) 10:2 Hague Journal on the Rule of Law, pp. 295–316

Diala A. ‘A critique of the Judicial Attitude towards Matrimonial Property Rights under Customary Law in Nigeria’s Southern States’ (2018) 18:1 African Human Rights Law Journal, pp. 100-122

Diala A. ‘The Shadow of Legal Pluralism in Matrimonial Property Division outside the Courts in Southern Nigeria’ (2018) 18:2 African Human Rights Law Journal, pp. 706-731

Durojaye E. ‘The Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Women in Africa (SRRWA) 2007-2015’ (2018) 16:1 Gender & Behaviour, pp. 10700–10709

Durojaye E. and Agaba D.K. ‘Contribution of the Health Ombud to Accountability: The Life Esidimeni Tragedy in South Africa’ (2018) 20:2 Health and Human Rights Journal, pp. 161-168

Du Toit D., Jacobs M. and Ronnie R. ‘Revisiting Strikes in Essential Services’ (2018) 39 Industrial Law Journal, pp. 2131-2147

Du Toit D. ‘Should Precarious Work be the Focus of Labour Law?’ (2018) 39 Industrial Law Journal, pp. 2089-2106

Du Toit F. 'Trusts in Mixed Jurisdictions - Aspects of the Louisiana and South African Trusts Compared' (2018) 33 The Tulane European and Civil Law Forum, pp. 1-40

Fernandez L. ‘A Survey of Corruption and Anti-Corruption Initiatives in Africa’ (2018) 2:1 JACL, 31-57

Godfrey S., Du Toit D. and Jacobs, M. ‘The New Labour Bills: An Overview and Analysis’ (2018) 39 Industrial Law Journal, pp. 2161-2189

Grove, W. ‘Living Labs and Designed Serendipity: Collaboratively Discovering the UDUBSit & Mfunzi Emerging Platforms’ (2018) 31:1 Afrika focus, pp. 91-113

Huysamen E. ‘The Future of Legislated Minimum Wages in South Africa: Legal and Economic Insights’ (2018) 51:2 De Jure, pp. 271-297

Joy P.A. and Uphoff R.J. ‘Sentencing Reform: Fixing Root Problems’ (2018) 87:1 UMKC Law Review, pp. 97-112

Mabunda S. ‘Is it Cyberfraud or Good ol’ Offline Fraud? A Look at section 8 of the South African Cybercrimes Bill’ (2018) 2 Journal of Anti-Corruption Law pp. 58-70

Mabunda S. ‘Cyberlaundering and the Future of Corruption in Africa’ (2018) 2 Journal of Anti-Corruption Law, pp. 214-233

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Manie L. ‘A note on the Misinterpretation of Section 13 of the Trust Property Control Act: A Proposed Solution’ (2018) 39: 3 Obiter, pp. 803-813

Marumahoko S., Chigwata C.T., and Nhede N.T. ‘Participatory Budgeting in the City of Kwekwe (Zimbabwe): A perspective on the Issues, Trends and Options’ (2018) 10:4 African Journal of Public Affairs, pp. 196-221

Mezmur B.D. ‘A Step to Zero Attacks: Reflections on the Rights of the Persons with Albinism through the Lens of X v United Republic of Tanzania’ (2018) 6 African Disability Rights Yearbook, pp. 251-262


Mezmur B.D. and Kahbila M.U. ‘Follow-up as a “Choice-less Choice”: Towards Improving the Implementation of Decisions on Communications of the African Children’s Committee’ (2018) 2 African Human Rights Yearbook, pp. 200-222

Mezmur B.D. ‘”Don’t Try this at Home!”: Reasonable or Moderate Chastisement, and the Rights of the Child in South Africa with YG v S in Perspective’ (2018) 32:2 Speculum Juris, pp. 75-92

Moosa F. ‘Tax Administration Act: Fulfilling Human Rights through Efficient and Effective Tax Administration’ (2018) 51:1 De Jure pp. 1-16

Moosa F. ‘A Comparison between the Modalities of Interpreting Tax Legislation applied in South Africa and Australia’ (2018) 25:1 Revenue Law Journal, pp. 1-25

Moosa F.  ‘Understanding the “Spirit, Purport and Objects” of South Africa’s Bill of Rights’ (2018) 4:1 HSOA Journal of Forensic, Legal and Investigative Sciences, pp. 1-12

Moosa F. ‘Tax Administration: To Seize or not to Seize Taxpayers' Property’ (2018) 33:1 Insurance & Tax Journal, pp. 32-44

Moosa F. ‘Constitutional Issues Impacting the Disclosure of Taxpayer eDNA Information’ (2018) 33:3 Insurance & Tax Journal, pp. 13-22

Moosa F. ‘Value-conscious Interpretation of Taxing Provisions using Ubuntu: An Appropriate Decolonised Interpretive Approach?’ (2018) 30:1 SA Mercantile Law Journal, pp. 71-90.

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Mujuzi J. ‘The Supreme Court of Mauritius and its Reliance on International Treaties to Interpret Legislation: Reconciling the Tension between International Law and Domestic Law’ (2018) 39:2 Statute Law Review, pp. 118–133                                                     

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Munje P.W., Nanima R.D. and Clarence S. ‘The Role of Questioning in Writing Tutorials: A Critical Approach to Student-Centered Learning in Peer Tutorials in Higher Education’ (2018) 26:3 Mentoring & Tutoring: Partnership in Learning, pp. 336-353

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Shorter publications

De Ville J. ‘África do Sul: Expropriando Terras sem Indenização’ (2018) 2 Maisdeum, pp. 29-34

Kondo T. ‘Socio-Economic Rights in Post-Mugabe Zimbabwe’ (2018) 19:2 ESR Review pp. 2-5

Manie L. "Trust Law in South Africa, by Walter G Geach" (book review) (2018) TSAR 960-963

Moosa F. ‘Renunciation of Benefits from a Will: Who is a “spouse”?’ (February 2018) De Rebus, pp. 28-29

Nanima R.D. ‘Mainstreaming the “Abortion Question” into the Right to Health in Uganda’ (2018) 19:2 ESR Review, pp. 6-11

Conference Proceedings

‘Grove, W. ‘Knowledge Management Design, Planetary-scale Computation and Emergent Organizational Post-Humanism’ (2018) Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management & Organisational Learning, pp. 1-7

Van den Audenhove, L., Marien, L. Craffert, L., and Grove, W. ‘South Africa’s e-Skills Policy.  From e-Skills to Media Literacy?’ IST-Africa 2018 Conference Proceedings, pp. 1-11​




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