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Journal articles

Albertus C (2017) ‘Remand detainees who are terminally ill: Does the law offer adequate opportunities for their release?’ South African Journal of Criminal Justice 30:2 pp. 145-161

Albertus C (2017) ‘A recipe for immunity or impunity? A commentary on Southern Africa Litigation Centre v The Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development and Others’ Namibia Law Journal 9:1 pp. 139-152

Ayele ZA and De Visser J (2017) ‘The (mis)management of ethno-linguistic diversity in Ethiopian cities’ Ethnopolitics 16:3 pp. 260-278

Basson Y (2017) ‘State obligations in international law related to the right to an adequate standard of living for persons with disabilities’ Law, Democracy and Development 21 pp. 68-83

Basson Y (2017) ‘Selected developments in South African labour legislation related to persons with disabilities’ Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal 20:1 pp. 1-21

Chigwata T, Muchapondwa V and Visser J (2017) ‘Ministerial Directives to local government in Zimbabwe: Top-down governance in a decentralized Constitution’ Journal of African Law 61:1 pp.41-56

De Visser J and November J (2017) ‘Overseeing the overseers: Assessing compliance with municipal intervention rules in South Africa’ Hague Journal on the Rule of Law 9:1 pp. 109-133

Dube A and Machaya M (2017) ‘The Doctrine of Res Judicata Revisited: Molaudzi v the State’ Strategic Review for Southern Africa 39:2 pp. 78-93

Dube A and Nhlabatsi S (2017) ‘On amorphous terms, terrorism and a feeble judiciary: Analysing the dissenting judgment in Maseko v Prime Minister of Swaziland and Others (2016)’ International Journal of African Renaissance Studies - Multi-, Inter- and Transdisciplinarity 12:1 pp. 157-175

Durojaye E (2017) ‘The role of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights in developing norms and standards on HIV/AIDS and human rights’ Global Jurist 17:3 pp. 1-15

Durojaye E (2017) ‘Between rhetoric and reality: The relevance of the substantive equality approach to addressing gender inequality in Mozambique’ Afrika focus 30:1 pp. 31-52

Durojaye E. (2017) ‘A gendered analysis of section 48(2)(d) of the Zimbabwean Constitution of 2013’ Statute Law Review 38:2 pp. 240-251

Durojaye E (2017) ‘The WHO Tobacco Convention: A new dawn in the implementation of international health instrument? Comment on "The Legal Strength of International Health Instruments - What It Brings to Global Health Governance?"’ International Journal of Health Policy Management 7:2 pp. 189-191

Durojaye E and Owoeye Y (2017) ‘Equally unequal or unequally equal: Adopting a substantive equality approach to gender discrimination in Nigeria’ International Journal of Discrimination and the Law 17:2 pp. 70-85

Du Toit D (2017) ‘Freedom of association, majoritarianism, and the rights of minority unions’ International Labor Rights Case Law 3:3 pp. 297-301

Du Toit, F (2017) ‘Die ontheffing van trustees uit hul amp deur die Hooggeregshof en die Meester van die Hooggeregshof: onlangse verwikkelinge in Suid-Afrikaanse regspraak’ Tydskrif vir die Suid Afrikaanse Reg pp. 124-137

Du Toit F (2017) ‘Gender-exclusive charitable trusts: Re the Esther G. Castanera Scholarship Fund and recent South African judgments on discriminatory bursary trusts’ Manitoba Law Journal 40:1 pp. 141-171

Fessha YT (2017) ‘The original sin of Ethiopian federalism’ Ethnopolitics 16:3 pp. 232-245

Hamman A and Nortje W (2017) ‘Vergoedingsboetes in strafregtelike verrigtinge - ʼn Vars perspektief’ LitNet Akademies 14:1 pp. 281-303

Hamman A and Koen R (2017) ‘Pecunia Non Olet: Dirty money as legal fees’ Journal of Anti-Corruption Law 1:1 pp. 107-133

Hutchison A and Sibanda N (2017) ‘A living customary law of commercial contracting: Some law-related hypotheses’ South African Journal on Human Rights 33:3 pp. 380-405

Kondo T (2017) ‘Socio-economic rights in Zimbabwe: Trends and emerging jurisprudence’ African Human Rights Law Journal 17:1 pp. 163-193

Kondo T (2017) ‘A Comparison with analysis of the SADC FIP before and after its amendment’ Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal 20:1 pp. 1-47

Mesfin S (2017) ‘Ethiopian ethnic federalism: Without a space for “Indigenous Peoples”?’ Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe 16:3 pp. 246-259

Moosa F (2017) ‘Taxation: Constitutionality of the Tax Administration Act 28 of 2011’ Stellenbosch Law Review 28:3 pp. 638-656

Mujuzi J (2017) ‘Public procurement, foreign convictions and the Canadian ineligibility and suspension policy of the integrity regime: Some of the issues to grapple with’ Public Procurement Law Review 26:3 pp. 81-85

Mujuzi J (2017) ‘The “Best interests of the child” as a factor in allowing Foreigners with criminal records to enter Canada and in staying the deportation of foreign national offenders from Canada’ Acta Universitatis Danubius Juridica 13:1 pp. 163-185

Mujuzi J (2017) ‘The African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights and its promotion and protection of the right to freedom from discrimination’ International Journal of Discrimination and the Law 17:2 pp. 86-136

Mujuzi J (2017) ‘Private prosecutions in Mauritius: Clarifying locus standi and making the Director of Public Prosecutions more accountable’ African Journal of Legal Studies 10:1 pp. 1-34

Mujuzi J (2017) ‘Protecting animals from mistreatment through private prosecutions in South Africa: A comment on National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals v Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development 2016 1 SACR 308 (SCA)’ Journal of African Law 61:2 pp. 289-304

Mujuzi J (2017) ‘The Mauritian Piracy Act: A comment on the Director of Public Prosecutions v Ali Abeoulkader Mohamed Decision’ Ocean Development and International Law 48:1 pp. 69-78

Mujuzi J (2017) ‘Strengthening the right to institute a private prosecution in Uganda by amending Article 120(3) of the Constitution: A comment on Uganda v Inspector General Of Police, General Kale Kayihura and 7 Others (17 August 2016)’ African Journal of International and Comparative Law 25:4 pp. 589-606 Mujuzi J (2017) ‘The transfer of offenders between European countries and remission of sentences: A comment on the Grand Chamber of the Court of Justice of the European Union’s Judgment in criminal proceedings against Atanas Ognyanov of 8 November 2016 dealing with Article 17 of Council Framework Decision 2008/909/JHA’ European Criminal Law Review 7:3 289-303

Mujuzi J (2017) ‘The African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights and its Protection of the Right to a Fair Trial’ The Law & Practice of International Courts and Tribunals 16:2 pp. 187-223

Mupangavanhu B (2017) ‘Fiduciary duty and duty of care: Does South African law insist on the distinction between the two duties being kept separate?’ Stellenbosch Law Review 28:1 pp. 148-163

Mupangavanhu Y (2017) ‘The relationship between restraints of trade and garden leave’ Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal 20:1 pp. 1-18

Mupangavanhu Y (2017) ‘The statutory regulation of timeshare agreements in light of the need for greater consumer protection’ Stellenbosch Law Review 28:3 pp. 657-678

Mupangavanhu Y (2017) ‘The protection of scent, taste and sound marks in South Africa: Threats and possibilities’ SA Intellectual Property Law Journal 5:1 pp. 16-33.

Mwambene L (2017) ‘The essence vindicated? Courts and customary marriages in South Africa’ African Human Rights Law Journal 17:1 pp. 35-54

Mwambene L (2017) ‘What is the future of polygyny (polygamy) in Africa?’ Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal 20:1 pp. 1-33

Mwambene L and Kruuse H (2017) ‘The thin edge of the wedge: ukuthwaka, alienation and consent’ South African Journal on Human Rights 33:1 pp. 25-45

Mwambene L and Mawodza O (2017) ‘Children’s rights standards and child marriage in Malawi’ African Studies Quarterly 17:3 pp. 21-44

Nanima R (2017) ‘An evaluation of Kenya's parallel legal regime on refugees, and the courts' guarantee of their rights’ Law, Democracy and Development 21:1 pp. 42-67

Nanima R (2017) ‘The need for a review of plea bargaining in Uganda: A reflection on the experiences under common law and in South Africa’ Journal of Comparative Law in Africa / Revue de Droit Compare en Afrique 4:1 pp. 24-44

Nanima R (2017) ‘The drafting history of the Uganda Penal code (amendment) Act and challenges to its implementation’ Statute Law Review 38:2 pp. 226-239

Nanima R (2017) ‘Barnard v Minister of Justice: the minister’s verdict: Deciding on parole for offenders serving life sentences’ South African Crime Quarterly 59 pp. 19-26

Nortje W and Du Toit P (2017) ‘A fresh perspective on historical sexual abuse: The Case of Hewitt v S 2017 1 SACR 309 (SCA)’ Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal 20:4 pp. 1-20

Nortje W (2017) ‘Victim or villain: Exploring the possible bases of a defence in the Ongwen Case at the International Criminal Court’ International Criminal Law Review 17:1 pp. 186-207

Potberg C and Chetty R (2017) ‘”Voices” of school dropouts about the use of illicit drugs on the Cape Flats, Western Cape’ Acta Criminologica: Southern African Journal of Criminology 30:3 pp. 135-148

Scholtz W (2017) ‘Killing them softly: Animal welfare and the inhumanity of whaling’ Journal of International Wildlife Law and Policy 20:1 pp. 18-37

Scholtz W (2017) ‘Injecting compassion into international wildlife law via a welfare-centric ethic: From compassion to conservation?’ Transnational Environmental Law 6:3 pp. 463-483

Van Niekerk C (2017) ‘Assisted reproductive technologies and the right to reproduce under South African Law’ Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal 20:1 pp. 1-31

Van Niekerk C (2017) ‘When a relationship has reached its expiration date, does the same apply to the embryos under South African law?’ Obiter 38:1 pp. 165-180

Van Niekerk C (2017) ‘Strange (and incompatible) bedfellows: The relationship between the National Health Act and the regulations relating to artificial fertilisation of persons, and its impact on individuals engaged in assisted reproduction’ South African Journal of Bioethics and Law 10:1 pp. 32-35

Wrensch JJ and Koornhof PGJ (2017) ‘Video game modification in South Africa’ South African Intellectual Property Law Journal 5:1 pp. 75-88

Chapters in books

Anthony A (2017) ‘Best practice in South African Construction Procurement Law’ in Thai KV (ed.) Global Procurement Theories and Practice (Springer) pp. 291-310

Chigwata TC (2017) ‘Fiscal Decentralisation: Constraint to Revenue-Raising by Local Government in Zimbabwe’ in Schoburgh E and Ryan R (eds.) Handbook of Research on Sub-National Governance and Development (IGI Global) pp. 193-217

De Visser J (2017) ‘Concurrent Powers in South Africa’ in Steytler, N (ed.) Concurrent Powers in Federal Systems: Meaning, Making and Managing (Brill/Nijhoff) pp. 222-240

Du Toit D (2017) ‘Towards Fairness in the “Sharing Economy”’ in Ahlberg K and Bruun N (eds.) New Foundations of Labour Law (Peter Lang) pp. 127-145

Du Toit D (2017) ‘Lock-outs’ in Du Toit (ed.) Strikes and the Law (LexisNexis) pp. 127-153

Florescu S and Sloth-Nielsen J (2017) ‘Visions on Surrogacy - From North to South: The Approach of the Netherlands and South Africa to the Issue of Surrogacy and the Child's Right to Know his Origin’ The International Survey of Family Law (LexisNexis) pp. 239-258

Mezmur BD (2017) ‘The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child’ in Boezaart CJ (ed.) Child Law in South Africa (Juta) pp. 401-423

Mezmur B (2017) ‘Happy 18th birthday to the African Children’s Rights Charter: Not counting its days but making its days count’ African Human Rights Yearbook 1 (PULP) pp. 125-149

Moosa N (2017) ‘South Africa’ in Yassari N, Möller, L-M and Gallala-Arndt, I (eds.) Parental care and the best interests of the child in Muslim countries (Springer) pp. 219-257

Moosa N and Abduroaf M (2017) ‘South Africa: Implications of the Official Designation of Muslim Clergy as Authorised Civil Marriage Officers for Muslim polygynous, interfaith and same-sex marriages in South Africa’ The International Survey of Family Law (LexisNexis) pp. 323-359

Mujuzi J (2016/2017) ‘The Mauritian Supreme Court Reliance on French and British Laws to Resolve Private International Law Disputes’ in Bonomi I and Romano GP (ed.) Yearbook of Private International Law, vol XVII (Verlag Dr Otto Schmidt) pp. 423-430

Mujuzi J (2017) ‘The right of prisoners to vote: Historical and contemporary concerns’ in Oloka-Onyanga J and Ahikire J (eds.) Controlling consent: Uganda’s 2016 elections (Africa World Press/The Red Sea Press) pp. 261-278

Mujuzi J (2017) ‘Mauritius: Marriage by foreign nationals to Mauritian citizens: A comment on Section 19A of the Civil Status Act of 1981’ The International Survey of Family Law (LexisNexis) pp. 225-238

Sloth-Nielsen J (2017) ‘Child Justice in South Africa’ in Boezaart CJ (ed.) Child Law in South Africa (Juta) pp. 677-725

Sloth-Nielsen J (2017), ‘African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child’ in Boezaart CJ (ed.) Child Law in South Africa (Juta) pp. 424-445

Steytler N (2017) ‘The currency of concurrent powers in federal systems’ in Steytler N (ed.) Concurrent powers in federal systems: Meaning, Making, Managing (Brill/Nijhoff) pp. 1-11

Steytler N (2017) ‘Concurrency of Powers in Deeply Divided Countries: The Case of Yemen’s Draft Constitution’ in Steytler N (ed.) Concurrent powers in federal systems: Meaning, Making, Managing (Brill/Nijhoff) pp. 279-299

Steytler N (2017) ‘Concurrency of Powers: The Zebra in the Room’ in Steytler N (ed.) Concurrent powers in federal systems: Meaning, Making, Managing (Brill/Nijhoff, 2017) pp. 300-350

Steytler N (2017) ‘The Constitutional Court: Reinforcing South Africa’s Hourglass System of Multilevel Government’ in Arony N and Kincaid J (eds.) Courts in Federal Countries: Federalists or Unitarists?’ (Toronto: University of Toronto Press) pp. 328-366

Wandrag R (2017) ‘Governance of state-owned companies’ in Loubser A (ed.) Company Secretarial Practice (Juta) pp. 29:1-29:16


De Ville J (2017) Constitutional Theory: Schmitt after Derrida (Routledge)

Dube A (2017) Universal Jurisdiction in Respect of International Crimes: Theory and Practice in Africa (Galda Verlag)

Du Toit D (ed.) (2002-2017) Labour Law through the Cases, 30th issue (LexisNexis)

Du Toit D (ed.) (2017) Strikes and the Law (LexisNexis)

Mupangavanhu Y (2017) The Regional Integration of African Trade Mark Laws: Challenges and Possibilities (Galda Verlag)

Steytler N (ed.) Concurrency in Federal Systems: Meaning, Making, Managing (Brill Publishers)

Steytler N and De Visser J (2017) Local Government Law of South Africa, 10th update (LexisNexis)


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