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Welcome to The Faculty of Law

The Faculty is steeped in a culture of human rights and constitutionalism and is recognised and respected internationally. It offers a rigorous and relevant legal education with opportunities to specialise.

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    • Criminal Justice and Procedure

      The Department of Criminal Justice And Procedure offers a select menu of highly sought-after elective courses in criminal law, child justice, conveyancing, legal process, and comparative criminal justice. The Department also conducts and publishes internationally recognised research in these subject areas.

    • Mercantile and Labour Law

      The Department of Mercantile and Labour Law introduces students to the world of commercial and business law. The Department’s focus is on developing student and staffs’ critical thinking skills and supplying them with practical, transferable capabilities to positively contribute to the legal profession or corporate field.

    • Public Law and Jurisprudence

      The Department of Public Law and Jurisprudence prides itself on the extensive variety of courses it offers, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level, as well as its strong record of high quality research. In addition to the courses that are traditionally regarded as falling within public law and jurisprudence the Department presents a diverse menu of elective courses including, among others, Advanced Public Law, Environmental law, Gender Law, Immigration and Refugee Law, and the South African Bill of Rights.

    • Private Law

      The Department of Private Law continues to offer academic programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate level on a range of topics including Legal Systems, Customary Law, Family Law, Property Law, Intellectual Property Law, Muslim Personal Law and Law of Trusts. Members of the Department also offer high level expertise and research in these specialist subjects.

    • African Centre for Transnational Criminal Justice

      Set up in 2008 as one of the five Centres of Excellence in Africa, supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with funds from the German Foreign Office. The Criminal Justice Division of the Centre is based in the Law Faculty and runs the LLM and PhD programme "Transnational Criminal Justice and Crime Prevention - An International and African Perspective" in conjunction with the Law Faculty of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

    • Law Clinic

      The Law Clinic has the reputation of being one of the leading legal clinics in South Africa; through its provision of quality legal services to the local community. The Clinic gives senior law students a high-quality, experiential clinical legal education. The Clinic is accredited and operates with the permission of the Cape Law Society and in compliance with the rules of Cape Law Society.

    • Social Law Project

      A dynamic research and training unit staffed by a core of legal professionals specialising in labour and social security law. It provides training services in labour and social security law with a focus on client-specific training needs, and conducts applied research supportive of the development of employment rights and rights-based culture in the workplace.

    • Dullah Omar Institute for Constitutional Law, Governance and Human Rights

      The Dullah Omar Institute , formerly the Community Law Centre, at the University of the Western Cape (‘the Centre’), established in 1990, works to realise the democratic values and human rights enshrined in South Africa’s Constitution. It is founded on the belief that our constitutional order must promote good governance, socio-economic development and the protection of the rights of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. Given the need for regional integration to encourage development in Africa, the Centre also seeks to advance human rights and democracy in this broader context. Based on high quality research, the Centre engages in policy development, advocacy and educational initiatives, focusing on areas critical to the realisation of human rights and democracy in South Africa and Africa in general

    • Global Environmental Law (GEL)

      Global environmental degradation in the Anthropocene is a pressing issue that requires an innovative and radical legal response.

    • Multilevel Governance (MLG)

      This niche area focuses on the different levels of government (1) local/municipal/traditional, (2) provincial/federal member state, (3) national, and (4) transnational/international or global.

    • Children’s rights and family law in African context

      This niche area builds on ground-breaking shifts that have taken place in law and policy consequent upon the ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child 30 years ago.

    • Labour Law in the 4th Industrial Revolution (LL4.0)

      This niche area focuses on a question presenting fundamental challenges for labour and social security law internationally: the “fourth industrial revolution” (platform work, artificial intelligence, automation, robotification) and its impact


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    The Faculty consists of four departments: Criminal Justice and Procedure, Mercantile and Labour Law, Private Law, and Public Law and Jurisprudence

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