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The undergraduate Biotechnology program consists of three main streams and offers excellence in laboratory techniques within the following disciplines:

Microbiology - the study of microorganisms, including viruses, prokaryotes and simple eukaryotes, today, most of the work in microbiology is done using methods from molecular biology.

Biochemistry - studying the molecules and chemical reactions catalyzed by enzymes that take place in all living organisms, thus the chemistry of life.

Molecular Biology - the science of studying the genetic composition, and mechanism of living organisms at the molecular level, it historically refers to the understanding and manipulation of genes (DNA).

This programme of study provides an appropriate academic background for a professional career in the traditional and emerging biotechnology industries. Standards are high but career prospects are excellent.  Graduates are likely to qualify for technical and research assistant positions within fundamental and applied research positions in Research Institutes and Universities, Biotechnology companies, Agricultural and Food companies, the brewing, dairy and other traditional fermentation industries, pharmaceutical manufacturers as well as diagnostic facilities in medicine and agriculture

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