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 GAMKA: Equipment Capabilities

Equipment Capabilities

The increase from 9 to 16 detectors will increase the efficiency of the array from 1.8% to 3.2% and will improve the probability of detecting coincidences of more than 3 simultaneous gamma rays by a factor of 4, thus allowing much superior selectivity particularly where gamma transitions with similar energies exist in the same isotope or in contaminants isotopes. With this improvement the array will be brought up to a state-of-the-art level, will be very competitive internationally, and will allow for significantly expanded areas of Nuclear Structure Physics and Nuclear Astrophysics to be addressed. The detectors can also be coupled to other iThemba LABS facilities (see Co-applicants' motivations), such as the K600 magnetic spectrometer, which will allow for the study of particle-gamma coincidences and will make it a unique world-class facility addressing studies of Nuclear Resonances and Astrophysics. This development is highly relevant in nuclear structure studies as is evident from an international project to combine clover detectors from the USA and Japan into a new array (CAGRA) that is being used at RCNP and Riken in Japan. With 16 detectors it would also be feasible to arrange the detectors in an asymmetric array that would improve angular distribution measurements and the capability to measure nuclear lifetimes with improved accuracy.

Equipment Capabilities:

  • Gamma ray Energy Resolution at 1.3 MeV: 2.1 keV.
  • Photo peak Efficiency for 16 Clovers : 3.2%.
  • Peak to total in addback mode: >40%.


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