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Research Mission

Three major missions of the Statistics and Population Studies Department are to create new scientific knowledge in Statistics and Population Studies, to train graduate students to become active contributors of scientific knowledge, and to impart to undergraduates and postgraduates the excitement of research through the scientific method.

The Faculty of Natural Sciences at the University of the Western Cape are productive researchers, including many leaders in the field. We have numerous research labs that not only create knowledge but also provide myriad opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students to participate in research. As a research university we believe that active participation in all aspects of the research process provides students with a unique, hands-on learning experience-deep learning experiences and opportunities that sharpen critical thinking skills.

Our department has interests in many branches of statistical research such as:

  • Pure Statistics
  • Population Studies
  • Computational Finance

"Whoever needs to understand a problem will have to study it. Therefore, whoever practices the study of the subject will develop a thorough understanding of it and will then always draw the right conclusions"

~ Ali Ibn Abu Talib ~


"Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought"

~ Albert Szent-Gyorgyi ~



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