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Technology Development

PEM fuel cell

  • 2 kWe CHP breadboard prototype, a collaborative project with ZSW, Germany

  • 2.5 kW fuel cell backup power unit with hydrogen storage

  • Prototype metal hydride hydrogen storage units for LT PEM FC applications

  • Design and construction of fuel cell test-benches, with automated controls, to validate MEAs

  • A secondary nozzle system for ink-jet coating devices for high quality coating

  • Design and construction of a pilot scale manufacturing line to produce high temperature MEAs

  • High precision machining know-how for manufacturing bipolar plates

  • High temperature membranes for PEMFC

  • Catalyst coated membrane technology for PEMFC with low catalyst loading

SPE electrolyser

  • Nanosized supported Ir02 catalyst for SPE electrolyser SPE MEA with highest yet reported performance in the open literature

  • Prototype semi automatic MEA manufacturing line

New H storage materials and related technologies

  • Validating facility for testing hydrogen storage units and compression elements

  • Mg-based light-weight hydrogen storage composites combining high (up to 7.6 wt.%) hydrogen storage capacity and ultra fast re-hydrogenation kinetics

  • Technological routes for the manufacturing of AB- and AB2-type hydrogen storage alloys from South African feedstock

  • PGM-containing advanced poison surface coatings

  • Prototype metal hydride system for hydrogen separation tolerant metal hydride materials

  • Prototype 10-200 bar, 60 and 1 m3/h metal hydride hydrogen compressors

Li-ion Battery

  • Manufacturing facility for producing 1 Ah to 20Ah Li-ion batteries

  • Validating facility with capacity range from 1 mAh to 80kWh

  • LiFePOJCNT cathode materials for large sized Li-ion batteries

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