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Institute of Water Studies - Research Interests and Current Projects

Surface Water (Prof D. Mazvimavi)

Long-term variability of rainfall and river flows. Effects of land use/land cover change on soil erosion, surface flow processes, and generation of diffuse pollution. Water fluxes and inundation in flood-pulsed wetlands.


Groundwater (Prof Y. Xu)

Groundwater storage and flow in fractured aquifers. Surface water – groundwater interactions. Groundwater contamination. Sustainable utilization of groundwater resources.

Plant – Water  Relationships (Prof L. Raitt)

 Use of plants as indicators of water quality. Relationships between water table depth and distribution of some plant species.


Environmental Flows (Prof J. King & Prof C. Brown)

Development of environmental flow assessment methodologies.


Environmental and Nanosciences (Prof L. Petrik)

Effects of mining and industrial wastewater on water quality. Neutralization of acid mine drainage with fly ash. Brine stabilization, treatment and disposal


Water Toxicology (Prof L. Pool)

Development of rapid in vitro biomarker assays for monitoring water quality.  Emerging water pollutants, e.g. endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, genotoxins, immunotoxins, neurotoxins.


Anthropology of Water (Prof J. Goldin)

Indices for measuring the adequacy of water management institutions. Stakeholder involvement in water resources management.


Integrated Water Resources Management (L. Jonker)

Translating integrated water resources management theory into practice.


Water Economics (Dr E. Makaudze)

Willingness-to-pay for water and sanitation in rural areas and informal settlements. Sustainability of free water policy for basic uses in South Africa. 

Soil and vadose zone processes (Dr N. Jovanovic)

Water management in agricultural catchments, remote sensing applications in water resources management and artificial recharge of groundwater.
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