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The University of the Western Cape Debating Union (UWCDU) is a non-profit and studentrun organisation. The union is affiliated to the University and it is granted protection, support and oversight through the Student Representative Council (SRC) and furthermore through the Office of the Student Development and Support (SDS). The union seeks to foster greater intellectual dialogue, regarding problems that face the UWC student populace, in both a competitive manner and in an informal intellectual dichotomy. Subsequent to identifying the problems faced by students, the union encourages the finding of solutions to these problems. 

The UWCDU has grown to a fully-fledged independent organization operating on campus and nationally. The union also has an affiliated project called: “Theta Sikuve” meaning: (“Speak and be heard”), which targets students from impoverished schools and communities, in order to give remedy to students from these impoverished communities. The Union encourages students to voice out their opinions and views; to work hard academically; to lead by example and believe that one day they too could escape the deprivation trap and the cycle of poverty.

This year the UWCDU will be hosting the pre-nationals debating tournament, which will host University registered debating students from Southern African Development Community (SADC) University Debating Union. We will be hosting 66 Registered University students, 2 Chief Adjudicators, 3 Deputy Chief Adjudicators and 3 Tab Maters. This means that there will 6 debating rooms which will consist of 8 speakers and 3 adjudicators/judges and this makes a total of 11 registered university students in each room, 1 tab and chief adjudicator’s panel room, 1 briefing venue for all 66 debating members. 

The tournament will take place from the: 27 – 28 June 2016 at the Life Science building. Arrival and registration to the tournament will be on the 27th of June 2016 and departure will be on the morning of the 29th of June 2016.



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