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Terms and Conditions

The ‘Lost & Found’ Website is a non-profitable project. Therefore, no one is allowed to use this website as a venture to purchase, sell or trade any items. Any members found misusing this site will be referred to UWC Campus Protection Services (CPS). Furthermore, all items lost/ claimed must be given or collected in the UWC CPS department (ground floor). Furthermore, a picture of the item found must be attached and sent to the secure email address made available.

Your honesty and integrity is of high importance in making this project successful.


In the fast atmosphere at University many students tend to complain about items that are being lost. Some students also tend to put up posters all around the campus which looks cluttered and also creates pollution. Therefore, we need a way of managing this problem in an easier and tidier manner. Since all students have access to the uwc website makes it easier for students to advertise their lost or found items on there. There will be no cost involved in setting up the website since the University will be sponsoring us since we are students of the University and we are here every day if we need to meet up with the developers for any meetings that will be held. The benefits of developing this website are that it is easy to communicate with the rest of the University which includes staff and students which mean more people would be aware of the item you lost or the item that was found. Secondly, it not only helps keep the environment clean against litter, it also helps the community. Every little helps to keep our community environmentally safe and clean. Furthermore, this website also helps instil good values and principle into the students and staff to help out one another by bringing things forward that have been found. However, there are also some risks involved in the website such as students pretending to be the owner of the found item as well as students miss using the website for other means for example, advertising of own personal business.


Even though there are risks involved in developing the website the benefitsoutweigh them and the risks can also be dealt with by ensuring that people cannot false claim items by the many security question involved and that procedures can be taken if someone falsely claims an item. Unauthorised advertising can also be removed and should be included in the terms and conditions that will be made available on the website when students and staff members login. Seeing that these risks can be controlled it would be a good idea to develop this website and can be used for many years in future by improving it every time to keep up with the different changes.

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