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Exam Notices

Author: Institutional Advancement

The latest developments at CPUT which threatened to spill over to UWC, together with many claims made by the protesting students, in meetings and on various social media platforms that they WILL NOT allow examinations to take place



The situation at UWC has deteriorated to the point that we are deeply concerned about the continuation of the examination in its current format. 

The latest developments at CPUT which threatened to spill over to UWC, together with many claims 

made by the protesting students, in meetings and on various social media platforms that they WILL 

NOT allow examinations to take place, have necessitated the University management to deliberate 

over their decision to continue with examinations on Monday, 16 November 2016. In an attempt to 

ensure the safety of our students, management, together with deans, deputy deans, other senior 

academics from the faculties, and endorsed by Senate Executive Committee, have considered 

alternative ways to allow students to complete this academic year. We acknowledge that this is not 

ideal, however, given the abnormality of the situation we have no option but to offer students an 

opportunity that will avoid any personal harm. 

The following plan of action has been decided upon:

 All final year students across all faculties will participate in some form of assessment. 

Where the assessment involves sit-down examinations the venue(s) will be off campus. 

Please note that a time table with other logistical details will be sent to you by Saturday, 14 

November 2015 (by 14.00). At this stage it is envisaged that the current time table for these 

final year modules will continue to be followed as initially planned, unless otherwise 

communicated. Supplementary exams will follow this exam session; and Senate 

Discretionary Assessments (SDAs) will take place in January 2016.

 Students in other years of study (not final year) will be permitted to carry their CAM 

assessment outcomes as their final results.

 Those students who believe that their CAM status may not be a true reflection of their 

performance for 2015 may apply to their faculty for an additional assessment to be taken in 

January 2016, to allow you an opportunity to improve your results. Kindly contact the 

faculty helpdesk (number below) by Friday, 20 November 2015 during normal business 

 Those final year students who are from outside the Western Cape and may have already left 

for home, and/or those who previously opted to write their exams in January 2016 will be 

able to take their assessment in January 2016. This time table will be emailed to you in due 

 Students registered in the following professional programmes should contact their faculty 

directly for clarity on specifics related to your examinations:

Nursing, Social Work, Dietetics, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Natural Medicine, 

Biokinetics; Accounting; Dentistry.

Faculty Help Desks:

  • Arts – 021-959 2152

  • CHS – 021-959 2852

  • Dentistry – 021-937 3000

  • Education – 021-959 2276

  • EMS – 021-959 3164

  • Law – 012-959 3291

  • Natural Sciences – 021-959 3426 

All enquiries related to Monday’s examinations can be directed to the University’s Contact 

Centre on Saturday, 14 November 2015 from 09.00-16.30. The number of the Contact 

Centre is 021-959 3900/3901. The Contact Centre will operate normally from Monday 


Please note that the graduation ceremonies scheduled for 11 December 2015 have been 


We sincerely apologise for all the frustration, trauma and stress the recent activities have 

caused, and wish to assure you that all our efforts have been focused on allowing staff and 

students to successfully complete the academic year.


13 November 2015​


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