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The Department of Document Records and Archives Management Services (DRAMS) was established to ensure establishment of a formal, efficient, legally compliant, legally defensible records management programme at UWC. DRAMS exist to fulfil the university’s commitments to develop effective structures and conventions of governance, which are democratic, transparent and accountable.

Administratively the office report to the Registrar, through the Office of the Deputy Registrar but its functions cuts across the whole University. The ultimate aim of the office is to save UWC money and to minimize the institution’s exposure to risk. The department consist of three main activities or sections, the Document Management section, the Central Records Office (CRO) and the Archives section. The Document Management section focuses on promoting the efficient creation and capture of documents and the processes necessary for their proper management in their current stage. The CRO’s  main function is for the proper management, maintenance and storage of semi-current records. It houses in its repositories semi current records transferred from departments. The archives section ensure the management and storage of records and publications of enduring value that contain evidential and informational value that mirrors how the University has evolved over years.

DRAMS promote transparency and accountability through maintaining and making accessible reliable evidence and information about the university’s functions and activities. DRAMS manages the information assets of UWC in the form of documents, records and archives .DRAMS ensures that the university manages its information assets in a way that maximises opportunities while minimizing risks​

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