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Governance Structure

The Governance structures of the University are:

  • Council
  • Council Committees
  • Senate Committees
  • Joint Committees of Senate and Council

These structures can be presented as follows:

Council ​​Committees





Executive Committee of Council




Executive Committee of Senate




Executive Committee of Council


Finance Committee

Tender Committee


Audit and Risk Committee

Human Resources Committee


Remuneration and Conditions of Employment Committee

Membership Committee


Senior Appointments Committee

Senior Professor Status Committee


Safety, Health and Environmental Risk Committee

​Senate Committees​


Executive Committee of Senate


Senate Assessment Committee


Senate Academic Planning Committee

Senate Higher Degrees Committee


Senate Scholarship and Fellowships Committee

Senate Research Committee


Senate Library Committee

Senate International Relations Committee


Senate Physical Resources Committee

Senate Lifelong Learning Committee


Faculty Boards


Joint Committees of Senate and Council ​Committees​​






Honorary Degrees Council


Enterprise Architecture and Information Systems Committee


Student Development and Support Services Committee


Joint Appointments Committee of Senate and Council




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