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 Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

Our key processes include:

·     Reconcile vendor statement with accounts payable and the general ledger.

·     Process vendor (sundry/trade) invoices.

·     Payment vendor invoices.

·     Creation of new sundry vendor on system.

·     Process of either cheques or EFT’s for trade, sundry and student cheques.

·     Process unplanned or sundry payments (e.g. Travel expenditure, advances).

·     Approve petty cash transactions.

·     Provide highly efficient filing service.

·     Reconcile Diners statement and report to HOD.

·     Reconciliation of control accounts

·     Checking correctness of all processed invoices.

·     Creation of all student information on SASI system



·       All statements (even NIL balance statements) must reach the Accounts Payable department on or before the

        7th of each month. Late arrival of statement will result in late payment.

·       It is recommended that statements be submitted via e-mail, see addresses above.

·       Manual statements must be sent to: University of the Western Cape, Private Bag X17, BELLVILLE, 7530 for

         attention the Accounts Payable Department.


Invoice Information

·       Invoices received must comply with University guidelines and fulfill purchase order requirements before being

        processed for payment.

·       A vendor will only be paid by the University unless proper original documentation is received.



·       The original invoice from the vendor, with detailed information as to the services or goods received. 

         All invoices require the approval of the account holder before payment being issued.

·       The invoice must reference a valid purchase order.

·       Once an authorized invoice is received in the Accounts Payable Department, the invoice information is

         verified and ready to be processed in the financial system (SSAFM) according to its specific payment term.


Trade Vendor Payment Delays

·       Payments cannot be processed from vendor statements, quotes, or order confirmation; an invoice is


·       The invoice is incomplete and must be completed by the department.

·       The department has not returned the signed invoice to Accounts Payable.

·       The invoice did not contain a purchase order number or had an incorrect order number.

·       Changes are being disputed.

·       A hold is placed on payment due to short delivery or damage items.

·       Mismatch of line items ordered on purchase order.

·       The invoice exceeded the approval ordered rand amount.

·       The cost is different than the quoted amount.

·       Additional items have been added to the order without the Buyer’s knowledge.


Payment Terms

·       All payments due will only be electronically transferred to your bank account.

·       The value of money due will not be given over the telephone as all the relevant information will appear on the

         remittance advice.

·       Monies will be electronically transferred during normal working days – Monday –Friday.  If month-end falls on

        a Saturday or Sunday or a Public holiday payment will be effected on the next working day.


Vendor types:

·       SMME/BEE vendors – invoice must be received in accounts payables on 10th and 20th of each month to be

         paid on the 15th and 31st monthly.

·       Contract vendors – invoices must be received in accounts payables on the 20th of each month for payment

         last day of month.

·       Contract vendors due 25th of each month – invoices must be received in accounts payables on the 20th of

        each month for payment on the 25th of the month.

·       3rd Party vendors – Diners Club due the 6th of each month, invoices must be in weekly.

·       3rd Party vendors ceded accounts – invoices must be in accounts payables on the 20th of each month for

         payment the last day of next month (30days).

·       Trade vendors – invoices must be in accounts payable before the 20th of each month for payment the last

        day of next month (30days).

·       Catering vendors – payments done weekly on a Friday

·       Sundry vendors – payments done weekly on a Tuesday and Thursday within a cycle of 7 days.


Sundry Payment Procedures Business Resource Centre

·       Sundry Purchases are only allowed if trade vendor cannot supply the service or goods.

·       To process a sundry payment for a single request:

·       Download a Payment Request Form from the Finance Website.

·       Sundry vendor request: FinAP4

·       Staff payments request: FinAP3

·       Student (3rd party) payment request: FinAP5


To complete the Payment Request please submit the following information:

·      Complete the FinAP payment request form (e.g. entity/account, amount, motivation     why sundry payment

        request or and three quotes if more than R 10 000.00):

·       Comply with FICA requirements: Tax Clearance certificate, proof of bank information, stamped by bank and

        not older than 3 months.

·       Attach the original Sundry vendor invoice authorized by the Budget Owner, and forward it to Business

        Resource Desk in the Finance Department to process the payment.

·       Payments for advances (e.g. research, conferences fieldtrips) must be completed on a Payment Advance

        Form as well as FinAp3. To be download from the Finance Website. 

·       Advance request must be followed up to ensure that advance match expenses, if not the differences must be

        paid in, ensure that all receipts are valid.


Student Cheques / EFT’s on the Linc System

·       All cheque payment requests are must be authorized by the Director: Finance before any payments can be issued. To create and verify student information on the Sasi system the following is required: Student number, bank stamped details not older than 3 months.


Travel Management

·        Comply with UWC Travel policy.

·        Answer all after hours and emergency travel related calls.

·        Supply travel advice to the campus community

·       Reconcile Diners weekly and sort out all queries.

·       Prepare monthly and yearly to date traveling reports.

·       Evaluate performance of travel agencies and report to HOD.

·       Assist travelers with their entire traveling request.

·       Continuous training of secretaries regarding traveling.


Tel: (021) 959 2187

Fax: (021) 959 1374









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