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Welcome to Finance, Innovation Operations & Infrastructure (F.I.O.I)

Mr. Abduraghman Regal - Executive Director: Finance & Services​
We provide the Finance, Innovation, Operations and Infrastructure services that support and deliver on the University 
of the Western Cape (UWC) mandate. Our aim is to continuously build on the service delivery, financial viability and solid capital base of UWC, with evolving people, systems and infrastructure so that we continuously serve our stakeholders who has to deliver on teaching and learning, research, community engagement and innovation. 

Telephone: 021 959 3527 / e-mail: mregal@uwc.a

Mr Shaun​ Jonkers - Director of Finance

The Finance Department is responsible for designing and implementing financial controls, policy and business process engineering that support the activities of UWC. This provides a financial framework to all parties mandated to transact on behalf of or with UWC. The main outcomes of Finance are to provide timeous information to assist all levels of Management and Council of the University in their stewardship of the institution. This directorate drives financial availability and good discal discipline.

Telephone: 021 959 2497 / e-mail:​

Mr Irfaan Dalvie - Director of Business Development​

The Business Development team provides quality business and enterprise development advice, support and services to the UWC community. This office manages the academic venues and facilities through the Venue Management Office and the UWC commercial property portfolio. The UWC (Pty)Ltd, a wholly-owned UWC company as a corporate structure for the purposes of pursuing commercial opportunities available to the University will also be housed within this directorate. At Business Development we concentrate on facilitating and supporting diversification of the UWC revenue base.​

Telephone: 021 959 2603 / e-mail:

Mr Jacob Thampi - Director of Business Processing and Operations

This section includes Procurement, Accounts Payable and Travel, and Risk and Compliance (detailed below). Procurement maintains an ordered, efficient and accountable environment for procurement of goods and services to effectively deliver on the University’s Mandate. Accounts payable ensures and effects proper review and processing of payments to University vendors.  The Travel section facilitates and ensures the efficient and compliant delivery of travel and related services to the campus community.

Telephone: 021 959 3197 / e-mail:​

Ms Charleen Duncan - Director of Ce​ntre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Entrepreneurship: The new challenge for South Africa and UWC!

The Centre’s aims are to enhance the academic programme across disciplines  in entrepreneurship, co-ordinate Entrepreneurship projects across campus, build a research programme in Entrepreneurship that identifies with the needs of South Africa, collaborate with national and international partners, provide the environment with a Fellowship for Entrepreneurs so as to support growing Entrepreneurs, provide incubation and support for small and medium enterprises in the spirit of Entrepreneurship development. The Centre will develop supplier development programmes and provide access to short courses at UWC via the Prior Learning model. The Centre will play a pivotal role in building the triple helix environment that will work together to support Entrepreneurs and maintain business growth in South Africa.

Telephone: 021 959 9551 / e-mail:​​


Mr Jairaj Ramchander - Director of Inf​rastructure and Engineering​​​ 

Infrastructure and Engineering provides and maintains the general physical infrastructure and associated services as needed by the University to deliver on its mandate, with focus on efficiency, economy and sustainability.

Telephone: 021 959 2170 / e-mail:​

Mr Bentley Jeftha - Director of Risk & Compliance

The Risk and Compliance function is responsible for the appropriate development, management and application of resources, strategies and policies and initiatives to adequately address the various risks to the University's stakeholders, property and reputation.
Telephone: 021 959 3127 / e-mail:​
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